Pleated Filter Disc Designed for the Highest Filtration Efficiency

This is one pleated filter disc with a metal edge.

We are the professional to offer more efficient filtration solutions.

Manufactured with multiple layers of precision woven wire cloth and/or non-woven fiber metal felt, pleated filter disc is precisely stamped and processes the highest quality. Rimmed and unrimmed forms are available. The pleated rimmed filter disc provides a tight seal. The media is pleated to provide much more filtration surface area than flat screen pack.

Pleated filter disc is widely used in the industrial, aerospace and commercial applications.


  • Corrosion resistant for the maximum efficiency and longevity.
  • It could filter finer particles.
  • Extended lifespan.
  • Reduced initial pressure drop.
  • High viscosity polymer filtration.


  • Material
    stainless steel, copper and other alloys.
  • Filter media
    stainless steel mesh.
This is the diagram of pleated filter disc, which marks its dimensions.
Pleated filter disc (rimmed) specification
Code A B Nom. C Nom. D Nom. Min effective filter area Sq. In.
WPFD-01 0.375" 0.300" 0.100" 0.015" 0.22
WPFD-02 0.500" 0.420" 0.150" 0.020" 0.66
WPFD-03 0.625" 0.490" 0.170" 0.030" 1.00
WPFD-04 0.750" 0.615" 0.170" 0.030" 1.60
WPFD-05 1.000" 0.875" 0.170" 0.030" 3.25
WPFD-06 1.375" 1.250" 0.170" 0.030" 6.60
Pleated filter disc micron rating (µm)
Nominal micron rating Absolute micron rating
2 10
5 20
10 25
20 40
40 75
70 105
105 150


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