Polyurethane Screen Has High Strength and Load Capacity, soft Surface

This is a piece of blue polyurethane vibrating screen.

Polyurethane screen with soft surface and high strength is for mineral and quarry.

Polyurethane screen is becoming more and more popular in minerals, quarry and dewatering industry to separate materials. The inside material of polyurethane screen is steel wire, the outside is polyurethane. This structure make it has higher strength and load capacity. And soft surface can reduce the noise that stones and surface friction. It also can reduce the excessive comminution of materials. In addition our polyurethane screen has various colors, holes and connection types. You can choose one according to your applications.


  • High strength, high load capacity.
  • Corrosion, wear and heat resistance.
  • Less noise. Plastic structure can reduce the noise.
  • Soft material can reduce the excessive comminution.
  • Light weight. easy to install.


  • Material
    Steel wire inside and polyurethane outside.
  • Opening size
    0.6–160 mm.
  • Thickness
    20–60 mm.
  • Color
    Red, yellow, orange, green, blue. Other colors can be customized.
  • Screen type
    Modular polyurethane screening and tensioned polyurethane panels.
  • Hole type
    Comb, square, oblong, round, fine mesh sieve screen.
  • Connection type
    Mosaic, bolt, layering connection, screen hook connection.


Polyurethane screen can separate both the dry and wet materials in these areas:

  • Agriculture.
  • Vibrating screen machine.
  • Chemical industry.
  • Minerals.
  • Quarry.
  • Smelting industries.
  • Dewatering industries.
  • Water conservancy.
  • Hydropower industries.
  • Crusher.
There are many stones in the vibrating screen machine with polyurethane screen.
The water is sprinkling to the polyurethane screen.
There are many stones in polyurethane vibrating screen mesh.
This is a crusher with polyurethane screen.
There are many stones in the polyurethane screen.
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