Sound Barriers – Transparent Sound Barriers and Aluminum Sound Barriers

Transparent acrylic sound barriers combined with aluminum sound barriers installed on the railroad.

With beautiful appearance, easy installation and long service life, Walcoom sound barriers is your best choice for highway and railway.

Sound barriers is also called noise barrier or acoustic barrier, including transparent sound barriers and aluminum sound barriers. Transparent sound barriers has glass-like appearance; aluminum sound barriers panel has round or louver holes and light weight. They both have high strength and firm structure. With easy installation and long service life, Walcoom sound barriers are widely used in business offices, residential areas, factories. Besides, they are popular on highways and railways to reduce noise pollution.


  • High strength and firm structure.
  • Perfectly reduce the noise pollution.
  • Harsh environment resistance.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Durable and long service life.


  • Material
    Polycarbonate, acrylic, aluminum steel.
  • Sound barriers types
    Transparent sound barriers, aluminum sound barriers.
  • For more technical data, please refer to our catalog:


  • Business offices.
  • Residential areas.
  • Construction sites.
  • Factories.
  • Highways.
  • Railways.
  • Subways.
  • Roadsides.
  • Airport runways.
  • Bridges or overpasses.
Blue polycarbonate sheets used as bridge acoustic barriers.
Aluminum sound barriers with perforated holes installed along the highway.
Green PVC coated aluminum noise barrier for highway.
Green and yellow PVC coated aluminum noise barrier for highway.
Transparent sound barriers with natural green color in the commercial district.
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