Aquaculture Netting – Anti-Biofouling and Large Inner Space

Copper alloy fish netting lays on the ground where next to a aquaculture base.

Aquaculture netting used in marine or freshwater environment, provides you healthy and fresh seafood.

Worldwide aquaculture production has been growing rapidly since 1970s, the demand of aquaculture netting is also increasing. Walcoom provides you types of aquaculture nets, i.e oyster mesh, lobster trap, copper alloy fish and extruded aquaculture netting. Each of these products has its own advantages.

Oyster mesh for breeding oyster in freshwater, features UV production and acid and alkali-resistant. Copper alloy fish cage, excellent used in marine environment, with the feature of anti-fouling and naturally cleaner. Lobster trap and extruded aquaculture net both fit to freshwater and saltwater.


  • Large inner space.
  • Natural cleaner.
  • Anti-biofouling.
  • UV-protection.
  • Acid and alkali-resistant.


  • Material
    High density polyethylene, copper alloy, carbon steel.
  • Surface treatment
    PVC coated, hot-dip galvanised, black vinyl coated.
  • Mesh shape
    Rectangle, square, hexagon, diamond, etc.
  • Package
    In pallet, in bundle, in woven bag, etc.
  • Product type

    Oyster mesh, lobster trap, copper alloy fish cage, extruded aquaculture netting.

    Black oyster bag with two pieces of foam.

    Oyster mesh

    Green lobster trap with two entrance tunnels, and also black plastic netting inside.

    Lobster trap

    Chain link copper alloy fish mesh.

    Copper alloy fish cage

    White, diamond mesh extruded aquaculture netting.

    Extruded aquaculture netting

  • For more technical data, please refer to our catalog:


  • Oyster breeding bag.
  • Lobster trap.
  • Crab catching trap.
  • Copper alloy fish cage.
  • Shellfish catching net.
  • Fish farming cage.
  • Artificial fish breeding ponds.
Oysters was putted out off oyster bag to orange basket.
A lobster in the green lobster trap, the lid was opening.
Crab trap filled with lots of crabs.
A view of fish cages in the sea.
Copper alloy fish netting under the deep-sea, fish swim inner space.
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