Waterproof Blanket Has Good Impermeability, Weather Resistance

There are ten pieces of bentonite waterproof blankets.

Walcoom provides various waterproof blankets with aging and weather resistance is in the constructions.

Waterproof blanket is a kind of important geotechnical material. Owing to it has good functions of preventing infiltration and stabilizing foundation. It is becoming more and more popular in tunnel, landfill and other constructions. Our waterproof blanket is made of natural materials, so it don't harm to human and environment. And our products are not subject to environmental restrictions. It can be normal construction in cold weather. In addition, the construction of waterproof blanket is simple. It can help you shorten construction period and save costs.

We have bentonite waterproof blanket and film waterproof blanket. You can choose suitable one depends on your needs.


  • Good impermeability performance.
  • No affected by weather, high and low temperature resistance.
  • Corrosion resistance, anti-aging.
  • Surface smooth, uniform thickness, no holes and broken edge.
  • Natural materials, no harm to human and environment.
  • Easy to install and repair, construction is simple.


  • Width
    1–6 m. We can customize according to your request.
  • Length
    30, 35, 40 m. We also can customize according to your request.
  • Unit weight
    4000 g/m2, or more than it.
  • Standard
    JG/T 193.
  • For more technical data, please refer to our catalog:


  • Tunnel.
  • Subway.
  • Highway.
  • Road.
  • Railway.
  • Airport.
  • Landfill.
  • Dam.
  • Embankment.
  • River.
  • Artificial lake.
  • Pond.
  • Slope.
  • Underground parking lot.
  • Underground garage.
  • Roof garden.
  • Oil depot.
  • Chemical accumulation field.
  • Foundation of construction.
Many workers are setting the bentonite waterproof blanket in highway.
This is a slope with bentonite waterproof blanket.
A worker is standing on the ground of square with bentonite waterproof blanket.
The road of community is being built with bentonite waterproof blanket.
Many workers are setting the bentonite waterproof blanket in landfill.
Many workers are setting the film waterproof blanket in road.
Many workers are setting the film waterproof blanket in embankment.
The slope is being built with film waterproof blanket.
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