Wire Hanger – Light-Weight But Quite Durable

Metal wire hanger in the shape of triangle.

Nice slim metal hanger, perfect for hanging clothes, trousers, socks and pants in wardrobe.

Wire hanger is made of stainless steel or iron or steel, coated with chrome, gold, mat gold, pearl nickle, black nickle, zinc, black zinc and so on.

Walcoom provides you four types of hangers, they are galvanized hanger, PVC coated wire hanger, foam hanger and aluminum hanger. All of them can be designed with various shape based on needs. Our hangers can be used to hang thick clothes, for instance, down jacket, suit and winter coats, and also light-weight clothes, like scarf, skirt, T-shirt, sock, towel, kids' clothes, etc.

Wire hanger is perfect for used in home and clothes store.


  • Light-weight but durable.
  • Anti-rust.
  • Not easy to break.
  • Save space.
  • Solid.
  • Multi-shape.


  • Material
    Stainless steel wire, iron wire, steel wire, aluminum wire, foam.
  • Surface treatment
    PVC, foam coated, chrome coated, galvanised.
  • Type

    Wire hanger, PVC coated hanger, foam hanger, aluminum hanger.

    Two metal wire hangers.
    Galvanized hanger
    Wire hanger coated with PVC.
    PVC coated hanger
    Foam hanger covered by foam and with two clips
    Foam hanger
    Wire hanger is made of aluminum.
    Aluminum hanger


  • Shirts.
  • Sweater.
  • Coat.
  • Jackets.
  • Pants.
  • Suits.
  • Scarf.
  • Belt.
  • Tablecloth.
  • Linens.
Wire hanger hanging a large amount of suits. Wire hangers hanging sweaters on a metal crossing bar. Wire hanger hanging a lot of clothes in wardrobe. A black wire hanger hanging several pants. PVC coated hangers hang women blouses.


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