Geotextile has Permeability, Tensile Strength, Anti Puncture Ability

This is a roll of geotextile fabric.

Geotextile with excellent creep resistance is applied to stabilize foundation in underground constructions.

Geotextile is a kind of geotechnical material that is used to prevent infiltration and stabilize foundation. Our geotextile fabric has good corrosion resistance and weather resistance. So it can work well in the underground constructions without damaged. Geotextile with liners is made of geotextile and different liners. The permeability of it is better than general geotextile fabric. In addition, our products have good tensile strength, so it is not easy to be damaged during the construction.

We have geotextile fabric, geotextile with liners. You can choose one according to your needs.


  • Good air permeability and water permeability.
  • Good creep resistance.
  • Corrosion resistance, acid and alkali resistance.
  • Good tensile strength and friction coefficient can reinforce soil.
  • Great protective performance, anti puncture ability.
  • Simple and light structure, easy to install.


  • Width
    1–6 m, or can be customized.
  • Color
    Black, white, or as your request.
  • Weight
    100–800 g/m2.
  • For more technical data, please refer to our catalog:


  • Road.
  • Expressway.
  • Slope protection.
  • Railway.
  • Embankment.
  • Pond.
  • Dam.
  • Airport runway.
  • River bank.
  • Artificial lake.
  • Tunnel.
  • Landfill.
  • Drainage system.
The workers are driving a machine setting the geotextile fabric in road.
This is a highway with geotextile fabric and two cars.
Many workers are setting geosynthetic liners in ascent.
This is a large open space with geosynthetic liners.
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