Wire Basket Is Made of 316/304 Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Copper Wire

A rectangle welded stainless steel wire basket with two handles.

We provide various wire meshes for kitchen, laboratory, operating room, supermarket using.

Metal wire basket riches in types and applications. In terms of types, wire basket includes fruit basket, rinse basket, filter basket, medical basket, sterilization wire basket, bicycle basket and so on. While in terms of applications, metal wire mesh can be used in factory, supermarket, kitchen, hospital, drugstore, etc. All these products mentioned above you can purchase from Walcoom.

Metal wire basket is made from 316 or 304 stainless steel wire or could be made from copper wire and carbon steel wire. If you want more specific details, you can click the Categories.


  • Anti-rust.
  • Anti-corrosion.
  • Non-toxic and tasteless.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Environmental friendly.


  • Material
    316 or 304 stainless steel wire, low carbon steel wire, copper wire.
  • Surface treatment
    Hot-dip galvanized, shiny polishing, electro polishing, powder, nickel, chrome, plastic, powder coating or Teflon coating, etc.
  • Color
    Black, gold, white, blue, brown, red.
  • Shape
    Square, rectangle, hemispherical, trapezoid, oval, etc.
  • Accessories
    Metal handles, wooden handles.
  • Fabrication procedure
    Welded, woven, perforated, etc.
  • Type
    Rectangle surgical instrument tray made of electro-polished stainless steel.
    Surgical instrument basket
    Rectangle sterilization wire basket without lid.
    Sterilization wire basket
    Double spaces metal kitchen basket without lid.
    Kitchen item series
    Trapezoidal display basket, the bottom mesh is square and four sides are rectangle.
    Wire display basket
    Fine mesh basket with lid has three compartments.
    Fine mesh basket
    Bicycle basket with two hooks and fixture.
    Bicycle basket
    Cylindrical storage basket.
    Storage basket with plastic handles


  • Medical instrument tray.
  • Surgical instrument basket.
  • Sterilization basket.
  • Laboratory instrument basket.
  • Supermarket merchandise display basket .
  • Storage basket.
  • Fruit tray.
  • Vegetable basket.
  • Rinse basket.
  • Endoscope basket.
  • Filtration Baskets.
A doctor is putting scalpel into surgical instrument. Fine mesh basket for deep-fry potato and filter out the oil. Ceramic plates and tea cups are placed on rinse basket. Storage basket stick on the wall and holds shampoo, towel and brush. Two-tier endoscope basket adopts several endoscopes. A blacstainless steel of the bicycle. Semicircle metal tray contains fresh vegetable. Some croissant on the metal display basket.


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