Shale Shaker Screen Has Good Filter Accuracy, High Handling Efficiency

There is a piece of hook strip flat screen.

Shale shaker screens with various types and good filter accuracy are used in oil and drilling industry for drilling fluid shakes.

Shale shaker screen is a kind of screen that installed in shale shakers. It is widely used in oil extraction and drilling operations to filter drilling fluids, oil and mud. Our shale shaker screen is made of two or three layers of stainless steel wire cloths with different meshes. This structure make shaker screen have good filtering accuracy. Different kinds of shale shaker screen has different features and processing accuracy. For example, wave screen has the best processing efficiency. Steel frame screen with steel support can bearing the highest weight of drilling fluid. You can choose the suitable screen depending on the drilling conditions.


  • High strength, high bearing capacity.
  • Good filtering accuracy.
  • Good processing efficiency.
  • Wear resistance, corrosion resistance.
  • Good flexibility, applied to various shale shakers.
  • No bumps, deformation, nap, flash edge, metal solder spatter, folding, mezzanine and other appearance defects.
  • Easy to install and maintain.


  • Material
    Stainless steel wire.
  • Color
    Black, green, blue. Other colors also can be customized.
  • Type
    Steel or composite frame screen, hook strip screen, wave screen.
  • Standard
    ISO 13501, API RP 13C, API RP 13C, GBT 11648, GBT 11650.


Shale shaker screen is used in shale shakers to filter drilling fluids, mud, oil and other materials in the following areas:

  • Oil industry.
  • Oil extraction.
  • Drilling operations.
  • Solid control system.
This is a shale shaker with hook strip flat screen.
This is a shale shaker with wave screen.
This is a shale shaker with composite frame screen.
There are many impurities on the shale shaker screen.
There are much mud in the shale shake screen.
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