Razor Wire – Ultimate Intruder Deterrent for Perimeter Security

It shows one part of concertina razor wire, and the high strength clips connect adjacent loops.

Razor wire specialist provides you with the most optimal solutions to perimeter security.

Razor wire, often referred to as barbed tape, is a modern version and great alternative to traditional barbed wire, which is designed to prevent unauthorized intrusion along perimeter barriers. It is fabricated from high tensile wire onto which a multitude of razor-sharp barbs are formed at close and uniform intervals. Its sharp barbs act as both visual and psychological deterrent, making it ideal for industries such as commercial, industrial, residential and governmental areas.


  • Modern and economical way as perimeter barriers against illegal invasion to restricted areas.
  • Attractive design in harmony with natural beauty.
  • Fabricated from hot-dipped galvanized steel or stainless steel, high resistance to corrosion.
  • Sharp blade with multiple profiles has piercing and gripping action, which performs psychological deterrent to intruders.
  • Abrasion resistance for long service life.
  • Enclosed high tensile core wire makes it difficult to cut with standard tools.
  • Provides much better security compared with traditional barbed wire.
  • Easy installation and low maintenance.


  • Material
    Stainless steel (304, 304L, 316, 316L, 430), carbon steel.
  • Surface treatment
    Galvanized, PVC coated (green, orange, blue, yellow, etc.), E-coating (electrophoretic coating), powder coating.
  • Dimensions
    • Razor wire cross section profile
      The cross section of razor wire shows the blade and high tensile core wire profiles.
    • Standard wire diameter: 2.5 mm (± 0.10 mm).
    • Standard blade thickness: 0.5 mm (± 0.10 mm).
    • Tensile strength: 1400–1600 MPa.
    • Zinc coating: 90 gsm – 275 gsm.
    • Coil diameter range: 300 mm – 1500 mm.
    • Loops per coil: 30–80.
    • Stretch length range: 4 m – 15 m.
  • For more technical data, please refer to our catalog:

Blade spec Blade profile Blade thickness
Core wire diameter
Blade length
Blade width
Blade space
BTO-10 This is BTO-10 blade profile. 0.5±0.05 2.5±0.1 10±1 13±1 26±1
BTO-12 This is BTO-12 blade profile. 0.5±0.05 2.5±0.1 12±1 15±1 26±1
BTO-18 This is BTO-18 blade profile. 0.5±0.05 2.5±0.1 18±1 15±1 33±1
BTO-22 This is BTO-22 blade profile. 0.5±0.05 2.5±0.1 22±1 15±1 34±1
BTO-28 This is BTO-28 blade profile. 0.5±0.05 2.5 28 15 45±1
BTO-30 This is BTO-30 blade profile. 0.5±0.05 2.5 30 18 45±1
CBT-60 This is BTO-60 blade profile. 0.6±0.05 2.5±0.1 60±2 32±1 100±2
CBT-65 This is BTO-65 blade profile. 0.6±0.05 2.5±0.1 65±2 21±1 100±2


  • Borders
  • Military Bases
  • Prisons
  • Airports
  • Government agencies
  • Mines
  • Explosives storage
  • Farms
  • Residential areas
  • Railway barrier
  • Seaports
  • Embassies
  • Water reservoirs
  • Oil depots
  • Gardens
  • Substations
Concertina razor wire is installed onto the Y post of the welded mesh fence in an airport.
Three stories of concertina razor wires are installed on the border.
Several stories of razor wires are installed separately on the fence in a prison.
In one residential area, the razor wire is installed on the Y post of the wrought iron fence.
Concertina razor wire hangs on one ship rail, fixed by sturdy steel clips.
Razor wire is installed on the fence of railway track.
Four lines of line formed razor wires are installed on the brick wall in residential area.
Razor mesh panel is installed to restrict the area nearby the sea.
Razor wire is installed on the welded wire fence in a governmental agency.
Razor wire directly installed on the brick wall of one garden.
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