Building Construction is Becoming More Quality, Safety and Efficient

A picture of high rise building construction site which using professional construction tool system.

Walcoom dedicated to provide various construction tool systems for building construction.

Building construction is always a force to promote economic and social development. It also makes our life more convenient and the environment more beautiful. Now, the demand for building quality is getting higher and higher.

Construction technology is also more and more complicated, which has raised higher requirements for construction management and quality control. To help building construction become more safety, efficient, and higher construction quality, Walcoom has high-end professional construction tools. Such as excavation edge protection system, steel scaffold planks, perimeter safety screen, etc.


  • High strength, light weight, easy and fast operation.
  • Efficient construction, high project quality.
  • Reduce the construction safety risk.
  • Standard, versatile.
  • High reuse rate, low average cost.
  • Environmental protection, high recycling value.



Used for all kinds of building construction. For example, residential community, industrial buildings, public buildings, basic public works and so on.

A building construction site of self climbing scaffolding system.
A building built with scaffold with steel planks.
Scaffold with steel work platform for building construction.
A excavation construction site with temporary edge safety fence.
Excavation protection guardrail sprayed with red and white to show warning.
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