Double twisted gabion baskets are used for embankment protection.

Gabion Baskets & Mattresses – Best Solution to Embankment Protection

Industry Background

Embankment protection refers to embankments built to prevent streams from becoming floods. The most serious disaster in rivers is the river banks erosion arising from water current impact, resulting water and soil loss, river flooding and serious life and property damage.

Technical Requirements

Faced with floods, river banks are destroyed, resulting in inestimable losses. Traditional masonry and concrete slope protection structures have poor adaptability to deformation, and river banks and currents cannot be exchanged, thus damaging the ecological environment in the water. Therefore, we must find a set of effective solutions to this problem.


Employing ecological gabion baskets & gabion mattresses to build a solid embankment is the best way to embankment protection.

  • Ecological gabion basket. River banks and coastal embankments are humid. Part of the gabion baskets is immersed in the water and eroded by the river water while the other part of the embankment is exposed to and eroded by the sun. Therefore, we must choose ecological gabion baskets with good corrosion resistance. Galvanized gabion baskets, Galfan gabion baskets and PVC gabion baskets have excellent corrosion resistance properties and are the best way to embankment protection solutions.

  • Gravel fillings. Gabion baskets are generally filled up with gravels or pebbles.

Solution Effect

Gabion baskets and mattresses can not only prevent soil erosion, but also can grow vegetation after natural soil deposit and provide an inhabit for animals, allowing a coordinated development between the construction and the environment and promoting the ecological balance.

Vegetation grows in gabion mattress filled with stones for river embankment protection.

Gabion mattress

Gabion baskets work as steps for river embankment protection.

Gabion baskets

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