Steel Fence – Beautiful Appearance and Strong Protector

Wrought iron fence with finial at the top, and adding beautiful pattern at the bottom.

Steel fence features high-strength and strong structure, perfect for various environment.

Our steel fence is so-called wrought iron fence. Wrought iron fence is made from iron, stainless steel, carbon steel or aluminum, coated with powder, zinc, epoxy, etc. Hence, our fence rich in color.

Wrought fence is an popular product, adapt to various kinds of environment, typically for residential area, commercial area, street, highway and so on.

Wrought steel fence usually with sharp finial and decorative pattern, which make it very attractive and beautiful. Additionally, it prevent unauthorized people from entering or climbing.


  • Adapt to various environment.
  • Beautiful appearance.
  • Anti-rust and anti-corrosion.
  • High-security.
  • Strong and durable.
  • Long lifespan.


  • Material
    Aluminum, carbon steel, iron.
  • Surface treatment
    Electric/hot-dip galvanized, PVC powder coated, UV-proof powder, zinc phosphate coated, epoxy coated, polyester powder coated, etc.
  • Color
    Black, stain black, bronze, stain bronze, beige, stain khaki, light gray, white, clay, gray, etc.
  • Structure
  • Type

    Wrought iron fence with finial, wrought iron fence without finial, patterned wrought iron fence, accessory.

    A sample picture of wrought iron fence with finial.

    Wrought iron fence with finial

    A sample picture of wrought iron fence without finial.

    Wrought iron fence without finial

    A sample picture of wrought iron fence with finial and decorative pattern.

    Patterned wrought iron fence

    Many kinds of fence finial for wrought iron fence.

    Accessories for wrought iron fence

  • For more technical data, please refer to our catalog:


  • Residential area.
  • Swimming pool.
  • Villa area.
  • School.
  • Hospital.
  • Parking lot.
  • Park.
  • Square.
  • Highway.
  • Courtyard.
  • Various sport field.
  • Various factories.
  • Grate.
  • Railing.
  • Balcony fence.
  • Window fence.
Wrought iron fence without finial around personal swimming pool.
Wrought iron fence without finial around residential buildings.
Blue wrought iron fence fixed on concrete slab, which make it more solid.
Wrought iron fence around school, and many lush tree in the vicinity of the fence.
Black patterned wrought iron fence around private house.
Gothic style architecture churches are surrounded by black patterned wrought iron fence.
Wrought iron gate for a person garden, a man and his dog in the garden.
Wrought iron railing fixed on the wood floor outside house.
Wrought iron enclosure outside the glass window.
White wrought iron fence around administrative building.
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