Windbreak Fence – High Wind Reduction and Dust Reduction

The green windbreak netting with reinforced edge shown.

Windbreak fence with high flexibility and effective wind and dust reduction is widely used in garden wind-prevent and agriculture crops protection.

Windbreak fence can be divided into 2 types because of different materials: plastic windbreak netting and metal windbreak panel. Plastic windbreak netting includes extruded windbreak netting, flexible windbreak netting and knitted windbreak netting.

Windbreak fence with good wind-reduction and sand-reduction is mainly used to stop wind, hail and snows. It is usually used for garden wind-prevent, agriculture crops sand prevention, protect animals and plants from damaging.


  • Prevent wind and hails effectively.
  • Good air ventilation.
  • Stable structure and flame resistant.
  • UV stabilized and rot resistant.
  • Easy installation and transportation.



  • Power plant protection.
  • Coal yard isolation fence.
  • Garden wind-prevent fence.
  • Industrial site protection.
  • Agriculture crops sand prevention.
  • Isolate areas to prevent entering.
  • Protect animals or plants from damaging.
  • Subgrade reinforcement mesh in highways, railways and slopes construction.
  • Landscape construction.
  • Decorative products.
Windbreak fence is used to protect coal yard as wall.
Windbreak fence is used for industrial site to prevent wind and sand.
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