Corner Bead for Corner Protection in Bedroom, Kitchen, Eave and Ceiling

Stainless steel corner beads are shown.

We can give you a straight and aesthetic line for your drywall corner and prevent any wear and tear impact of corner damage.

Corner bead is an important product to be installed on the drywall corners and plaster wall corners. Its main function is to make wall angles stable, smooth, safe and aesthetic to protect people from hurting and keep walls neat.

Corner bead, also called angle bead, can be classified into 3 types: metal corner bead, PVC corner bead and paper-faced corner bead.

Corner bead is usually applied to indoor and outdoor areas, such as bedroom, kitchen, ceiling, door and eave corners. With high stability and good adhesion, it's very popular in architectural construction.


  • Environment friendly metal material for recycling.
  • Aesthetic appearance and easy installation.
  • Excellent compound adhesion.
  • Steady oxidation resistance and corrosion protection.
  • Firm and great reinforcement for drywall corner.


  • Material
    Galvanized steel, stainless steel, PVC, UPVC, aluminum alloy, etc.
  • Color
    White, silver, yellow, etc.
  • Category
    Metal corner bead, PVC corner bead and paper-faced corner bead.
  • Length
    0.2–3 m.
  • Width
    9–45 mm.
  • Thickness
    0.2–16 mm.
  • Pack
    Plastic film packing, water proof carton packing and wooden pallet packing.


  • Bedroom corners.
  • Kitchen angles.
  • Ceilings.
  • Doors.
  • Eave angles.
  • Home plaster walls.
  • Hotel wall corners.
  • Theater wall angles.
  • Factory walls.
  • Office angles.
  • Drywall corners.
Corner bead is installed indoor for room decoration.
PVC angle beads are shown on the door corner.
Metal corner bead is being installed on the drywall corner with hands and tool.
Expanded metal corner bead installed on the drywall.
PVC angle bead is installed on the ceiling.
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