Metal Curtain – High Strength & Good Gloss & Colorful

A summary picture of colorful decorative wire mesh for curtains and drapes.

Metal curtain afford firmness and stylish decorative effect for indoor and outdoor decoration.

Metal curtain is a generic terms of decorative wire mesh curtains and drapes. Its raw material can be aluminium, stainless steel, also cooper and aluminium alloy is very suited. Finished decorative curtains through process of weaving, chain hook link, chainmail link, etc. Walcoom main products including woven decorative wire mesh drapery, flexible mesh curtain, spiral link mesh, metal coil drapery, honeycomb decoration mesh, mesh fabric, wired glass, ring & hook chain link curtains and so on. Our decorative mesh curtains and drapes with high strength, colorful, flexible provide multiple choice for your high-grade decoration.


  • Colorful, sagging good, flexible.
  • Dignified and generous, good stereoscopic effect.
  • Anti-corrosion, fireproof, good shaded effects.
  • High temperature resistance, no fading.
  • Extensive use, remarkable decoration effect.
  • Various shapes and sizes are available.
  • Environmental protection, long service life.


  • Name
    Decorative curtain, mesh curtain, architectural wire mesh, metal mesh screen.
  • Material
    Stainless steel, steel, aluminium, aluminium alloy.
  • Type
    • Woven decorative mesh drapery:
      • Fine woven mesh.
      • Hard woven mesh.
      • Wire rope woven mesh.
    • Flexible mesh curtain:
      • Metal coil drapery.
      • Spiral link mesh.
      • Honeycomb decoration mesh.
    • Metallic fabric cloth
    • Wired glass
    • Metal chain curtain
      • Ring mesh curtain.
      • Chain link curtain.
  • Mesh type
    Chain link, ring wire belt, mat wire, crimped wire mesh, mutual wire mesh.
  • Size
    Any width & length available according to customer's requirement.
  • Process
    Wire-draw, stranding, laying-up, polishing, rinsing, woven.
  • Surface treatment
    Gold-plated, sliver-plated, titanium plating, tin plating, baked enamel, anodized, etc.
  • Color
    Bronze, copper, brass, silver, ebony black, purplish red, gold, any color available according to customer's requirement.
  • Package
    Standard pallet with packaged into rolls by waterproof paper or bubble plastic film, or according to your requirements.


Metal curtains and drapes are used for the indoor and outdoor decoration of airport, station, restaurant, hotel, high-end building, luxury office building, grand ballroom, business hall, opera house, and so on.

  • Window curtain.
  • Ceiling decoration.
  • Stairway railing.
  • Elevator decoration.
  • Space partition wall.
  • Corridor decoration.
  • Fireplace curtain.
  • Shower curtain.
  • Architectural outdoor drapes.
  • Public architectonic art.
  • Lighting decoration.
Gold woven mesh drapery for grand theatre made of stainless steel wire rope and round wire.
This bronze flexible mesh curtain is made by metal coil wire.
The stairway barrier is made by woven flat wire mesh.
The ceiling of this grate hall is decorated by metal curtain. Blending with colorful beam of light presents the perfect decoration.
The room was split into two spaces by the chain link curtains.
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