Fiberglass Mesh – High Strength, Alkaline Resistant, Cost-Effective, Easy to Install

Ten rolls of fiberglass mesh with different colors and sizes, such as orange, green, yellow, blue, red and white.

We specialize in providing high strength, alkaline resistant, chemical stability, quality fiberglass mesh for construction industry.

Fiberglass mesh is woven by C/E glass yarn (melting point up to 680 °C, boiling point up to 1000 °C, density: 2.4–2.7 g/m3) through leno technique, then coated by alkaline resistant latex. Because of it's fine alkaline resistant, high strength, flexibility, it's mainly used to the building wall EIFS system, GRC reinforcement. Featured by good chemical stability and difficult to oxidation, fiberglass mesh can be cut into fiberglass mesh tape for wall, furniture to prevent cracks.


  • High strength and low weight, high tensility.
  • Alkali resistant, acid resistant, waterproof.
  • Good insulation properties, good dimensional stability.
  • Good impact resistance and not easy to be teared.
  • Thermal preservation, fireproof, soundproof.
  • Durable and long service life.


  • Material
    Fiberglass yarn, modified acrylate copolymer glue.
  • Yarn type
    C-glass, E-glass.
  • Type
    Plastering fiberglass mesh, fiberglass mesh tape, GRC reinforced fiberglass mesh.
  • Mesh size
    4 × 4, 5 × 5, 7 × 7, 8 × 8, up to 12 × 12 mm.
  • Mesh shape
  • Width
    0.2–2.5 m.
  • Roll length
    20–500 m.
  • Plastic coated layer
    ≥ 20 g/m2.
  • ZrO2
  • TiO2
  • Strength retention rate
    ≥ 90%.
  • Weight
    30, 45, 75, 145, up to 500 g/m2.
  • Color
    White (normal), orange, blue, green, any colors available.
  • Package
    First plastic film, then carton box, or according to your requirement.
  • For more technical data, please refer to our catalog:


  • Construction wall insulation.
  • Plastering work.
  • GRC reinforcement.
  • Prevent cracking in wall and ceiling.
  • Roof waterproofing.
  • Grinding wheel base fabric.
  • Reinforce cement, plastic, bitumen, plaster, marble, mosaic and other building materials.
A wall with white fiberglass mesh, is covered with plaster.
A worker is using a cement scraper to plaster the walls covered with fiberglass mesh
A man was using fiberglass tape to glue the plasterboard.
A man is plastering the wall hole covered with fiberglass mesh tape.
Precoating should be done before using fiberglass mesh in EIFS, lap width of two fiberglass mesh should be more than 50 mm.
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