Random & Structured Packing and Mist Eliminators for Mass Transfer

Good helper for your chemical mass transfer – tower packing & tower internals.

Tower packing and tower internals are associated with mass transfer efficiency. Metallic, plastic and ceramic materials and various types of tower packings separate gas and liquids efficiently. Then the mist eliminator, including knitted mesh and vane plate mist eliminator separates gases and droplet mists or tinny particles further to contribute high efficient mass transfer production. They are widely used in distillation, purification, rectification, desulfuration and other chemical productions.


  • High separating and filtering efficiency.
  • Large flux, low pressure drop and high operating flexibility.
  • Metallic/plastic/ceramic materials for excellent temperature resistance and chemical stability.
  • Completed types to suit more applications: separation, filtration, distillation, rectification, etc.


  • Material
    Metallic, plastic and ceramic.
  • Type

    Random packing, structured packing and mist eliminator.

    Several random packings in plastic, metallic and ceramic materials on the gray background.

    MT-01: Random packing

    A perforated plate structured packing on the gray background.

    MT-02: Structured packing

    A stainless steel knitted mesh demister pad on the gray background.

    MT-03: Demister pad

    A round vane plate type mist eliminator on the gray background.

    MT-04: Vane plate type mist eliminator


  • Absorption tower.
  • Desorption tower.
  • Purification tower.
  • Distillation tower.
  • Rectification tower.
  • Desulfuration tower.
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