Gabion blast wall are used in military bases for airplane protection.

Gabion Blast Wall – Best Solution for Military Protection & Exercise

Technical Background

Security barriers are widely used in military exercises or military protection to safeguard the safety of soldiers. The traditional brick-and -stone protective wall not only consumes time and labor, but also achieves a slow progress. In addition, it cannot use materials at hand and transport them easily.

Project Requirements

Therefore, a blast wall with a simple yet solid structure, great defense capability and easy material taking and transportation is required.


Gabion blast wall has a simple structure. Metal gabion baskets can be folded for easy transportation. Infill materials can be taken locally. The well-built gabion blast wall with solid structure and great defense capability is the best choice for military protection barrier.

Gabion blast wall is composed of a folded welded gabion basket and geotextile to form a net cage, and then is filled with stones, cements and sands.

A gabion blast wall composed of a welded gabion basket and green geotextile is displayed.

Gabion blast wall

Welded gabion baskets filled with sands is displayed.

Gabion basket filled with sand

Solution Effect

Gabion blast wall composed of welded gabion basket and geotextile that filled with sand stones and sands delivers a solid structure, and great defensive performance. It saves time, effort and costs.

Gabion blast wall not only makes a great contribution to military protection, but also serves as the most powerful protective barrier in flood control.

Gabion blast wall equipped with razor wires are used for military protection.

Gabion blast wall equipped with razor wires

Gabion blast walls are placed along the river banks for flood control.

Gabion blast wall for flood control

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