Steel Fiber Improves Structural Strength and Integrity in Concrete

Holding a great amount of steel fiber on hands.

Steel fiber is to control concrete cracking and prevent water from bleeding.

Walcoom steel fiber is usually used in concrete or construction projects in order to control cracking due to plastic shrinkage and drying shrinkage. Additionally, the use of steel fiber in tunnelling projects are increasing.

In some specific circumstances, steel fiber can replaces traditional steel reinforce rebar in concrete. Steel fiber produces great impact-resistance, abrasion resistance and shatter-resistance.


  • Enhanced structural strength.
  • Enhance impact– and abrasion–resistance.
  • Enhance freeze-thaw resistance.
  • Reduce crack widths & control the crack widths tightly.
  • Reduce steel reinforcement requirements.
  • Common use in industrial flooring.
  • Easy to handle.


  • Material
    Cold-drawn low carbon steel wire, stainless steel (330, 310, 316, 316L, 321, 304, 446, 430 and 430Al).
  • Equivalent diameter
    0.3–0.4 mm, 0.4–0.5 mm, 0.45–0.55 mm, 0.55–0.6 mm, 1 mm.
  • Length
    20 mm, 25 mm, 30 mm, 35 mm, 60 mm.
  • Aspect ratio
    40–45, 45–50, 50–55, 55–60.
  • Standard
    • EN 14845-1.
    • ASTM A820/A820M.
    • ASTM C1018-97.
    • BS EN 14889-1.
    Some crimped steel fiber.

    Crimped steel fiber

    A pile of stainless steel fibers.

    Stainless steel fiber

    A pile of hook end steel fibers.

    Hook end steel fiber

    Six glued steel fiber.

    Glued steel fiber

    Some flat steel fibers.

    Flat steel fiber

    Crimped steel fibers.

    Flat crimped steel fiber

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  • Sprayed concrete.
  • Flooring pavement.
  • Precasting concrete.
  • Situ and repair concretes.
  • Low cement castable.
  • Tunnel project.
  • Burner blocks.
  • Blast furnace.
  • Fire clays.
  • Torpedo ladle.
  • Building construction.
  • Highway construction.
  • Bridge construction.
  • Dam construction.
Some men are making cement which mix up with steel fiber smooth.

The ground is concrete mix with steel fiber

New mixed steel fiber was used to cover on the sand ground.

Steel fiber used in concrete program

Broken concrete slab with steel fiber in each slab.

Steel fiber improve structural integrity

Concrete mix up with steel fiber.

New fiber reinforced concrete

Harden fiber reinforced concrete slab.

Hardened fiber reinforced concrete

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