Test Sieve – Lightweight, Anti-Corrosion, Proper Precision and Durable

Nine test sieves with different sizes show to us.

Walcoom offers test sieves of all precision to meet your needs in daily life or scientific research.

Walcoom test sieves mainly include four types: common test sieve, special test sieve, laboratory test sieve and sieve shaker.

Test sieve can be made into very high precision products, in this case, it is mainly used in laboratories or quality inspection departments for particle size analysis or scientific research, but it also can be made into coarse test sieve for our daily life, such as sieving coffee powder, grain, soil, flour or even racks. So, about the aperture size of mesh can be customized according to your requests.


  • High strength, not easy to be damaged.
  • Lightweight structure, easy to operate and transport.
  • Anti-corrosion, high temperature resistance, anti acid and alkali.
  • Suitable for all kinds of powders and particles.
  • Sieving can be done in a dry and humid environment.
  • Strong and durable with longer lifespan and free maintenance.


  • Material
    Stainless steel 304, 304L, 316, 316L, brass, heavy duty steel.
  • Frame material
    Stainless steel, brass.
  • Surface treatment
    Galvanized, electrostatic paint.
  • Production process
    Plain woven, perforated holes.
  • Hole shape
    Square or round.
  • Standard
    ASTM E323-11, ASTM E11-16, E161-12, ISO 565-1990, ISO 3310-1, ISO 3310-2, ISO 3310-3, ISO 2591-1, GB/T 6003.
  • Different type

    Common test sieve, special test sieve, laboratory test sieve, sieve shaker.

    A stainless steel woven mesh test sieve on the white background.

    Common woven mesh test sieve

    A stainless steel wet washing test sieve on the white background.

    Wet washing sieve

    A golden laboratory test sieve on the white background.

    Golden laboratory test sieve

    A coarse sieve shaker for use with both 8 inch and 12 inch.

    Coarse sieve shaker

  • For more technical data, please refer to our catalog:


Test sieves are mainly used in the follow place to sieve soil, grain, flour, coffee powder or used for particle size analysis:

  • Garden.
  • Laboratory.
  • Home.
  • Metallurgy industry.
  • Construction industry.
  • Quality inspection department.
A galvanized garden sieve is full of grass root with soil.
A person is mixing something with a shovel in test sieve.
A test sieve with some white sands in it is placed on the desk.
The picture shows a part of stainless steel test sieve with some wheat in it.
Stainless steel woven test sieve is used for sieving soil on the background.
Four plain test sieve with some grain on each one.
A wet washing sieve shaker with some catheters is in the laboratory.
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