Protective measures such as scaffolds and safety nets used in the construction sites.

What Protective Measures Are Taken in the Construction Site

Industry Background

Building construction is a production activity that people use various building materials and mechanical equipment to build buildings in a certain space and time according to a specific design blueprint. The place where the construction activity is performed is called as construction site.

Technical Requirements

Safety is always the top priority of construction site protection. Safety first and prevention first shall be the safety policy in all construction sites. Some protective measures must be taken in the construction site to ensure the safety of construction workers.


According to different types of construction sites, we can offer the following solutions.

Solution Effect

At the construction site of foundation pits, a foundation pit protection net is set up at the edge of the pit to prevent pedestrians or construction personnel from falling into the pit, ensuring the safety of the relevant personnel; steel scaffolds and planks are used at the construction site of high-rise buildings. In addition, perimeter safety screens are used around the construction site to safeguard the safety of construction workers.

Excavation edge protection system is established around the foundation pit to avoid pedestrians from falling off.

Excavation edge protection system

Scaffold debris netting is placed around the high-rise buildings to protect the work safety of construction site.

High rise scaffold system

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