PVC Corner Bead Applied to Bedroom, Ceiling, Door and Eave Corners

PVC corner beads with three types fiberglass color meshes are shown.

PVC corner bead, can be divided into common PVC corner bead and bullnose corner bead.

PVC corner bead mainly includes the PVC, UPVC and vinyl three materials. Its color is various. PVC corner bead can be divided into 2 types: common PVC corner bead and bullnose corner bead. With light weight, water proof, rot resistance and easy cutting, bending and installation, PVC corner bead is a popular corner reinforcement product.

Often to be as a drywall corner bead, PVC corner bead is widely applied to bedroom, kitchen, ceiling, door and eave corner protective constructions. It also can be combined with plaster mesh for wall construction.


  • Strong joint compound bonding.
  • Easy cutting, bending and installation.
  • Water proof, rot resistance, anti impact and distortion reinforcement.
  • Environmental, lightweight and economical material.
  • High durability and long service life.


Specification of common PVC corner bead

  • Color
    White (standard), brown, blue, orange, or customized.
  • Hole type
    Round, diamond, triangle, or customized.
  • Packing
    Carton boxes or wooden box, or according to clients' requirement.
  • PVC corner bead without fiberglass mesh:
    • Material: PVC, vinyl and UPVC.
    • Thickness of bead: 0.3–8 mm.
    • Width of bead: 20–45 mm.
    • Length: 1–6 m.
  • PVC corner bead with fiberglass mesh
    • Material: PVC bonded with fiberglass mesh.
    • Length: 2000–3000 mm.
    • Common size of fiberglass (mm): 70 × 70, 80 × 120, 100 × 100 and 100 × 150.

Specification of bullnose corner bead

  • Material
    Vinyl, PVC, metal, paper (kraft paper, color board paper, recyclable paper).
  • Color
    White or customized.
  • Hole type
    Round or customized.
  • Width of flange
    22 mm and 25 mm.
  • Length (common)
    2–3 m.
  • Radius
    9–38 mm.


  • Drywall corners.
  • Plaster walls.
  • Bedroom corners.
  • Kitchen angles.
  • Ceiling corners.
  • Doors.
  • Eave angles.
White PVC corner bead is applied to indoor drywall.
White PVC corner bead is applied to door corner.
White PVC corner bead is installed by people.
PVC corner bead is to fill the gap of drywall.
PVC corner bead provides an aesthetic appearance.
UPVC corner bead is used to plaster wall for reinforcement and protection.
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