A Variety of Safety Grating Accessories to Meet All Your Requirements

There are three accessories in the picture, they are: splice plate, J-bolts and hold-down clip.

You can choose any of the safety grating accessories according to your requirements in Walcoom.

There are also so many accessories can be used with safety grating to make the installation of safety grating easier and faster, such as J-clips, walkway splice plates, hold-down clamps and hold-down clips, anchor plates and so on.

Fixation can be achieved by placing the J-bolt into the opening of the anchor plate opposite the J-bolt. Walkway splice plates used for connecting side channels. And hold-down clamp is used for fixing interlocking safety grating to I-beam or other anchoring cross-member. All in all, all kinds of accessories can play their role to make the safety grating work better.


  • Galvanized surface treatment protect the accessories against corrosion.
  • Making the installation of safety grating faster.
  • Accessories can be used year after year.
  • Durable with longer lifespan.

Safety Grating Accessories Type

Diamond washer for diamond-strut safety grating installation on I-beam.

Diamond washer

J-bolt and anchor plate fasten diamond opening safety grating to I-beam.

J-bolt anchor plate

30 inches long walkway splice plates and related accessories for installation.

30 inches walkway splice plate

7 inches long walkway splice plates and related accessories for installation.

7 inches walkway splice plate

O-Grip safety grating bolt washer seat to I-beam.

Bolt washer seat

O-Grip safety grating J-clip for securing plank grating to I-beam without drilling.


O-Grip safety grating mid support clips increase load carrying abilities.

Mid support clip

Interlocking safety grating hold-down clamp on the white background.

Hold-down clamps

Interlock safety grating hold-down clip on the white background.

Hold-down clip


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