Vertical Debris Netting – Fall Protection Netting in Construction Area

Roll of green vertical debris netting.

Vertical debris netting can be easily installed with eyelet holes on the edge and give an aesthetic appearance with many colors.

Vertical debris netting is one of construction safety net, which is also known as scaffold netting and fall protection netting, to be applied to prevent people and construction materials falling from high altitude and hurting the person and thing on the ground.

It is made of polyethylene or high density polyethylene and often applied to circle the building construction and installation area, power station and water construction area for isolation protection. It is also used to be facade protection netting and balcony protection netting.


  • High strength and flexibility.
  • Flame retardant and UV stabilized.
  • Good air permeability.
  • Firm, tough, durable and economic.
  • Easy installation with eyelet holes on the edge.


  • Material
    Polyethylene or high density polyethylene.
  • Length
    50–200 m or as required.
  • Width
    1–10 m or as required.
  • Popular size
    3 m × 50 m, 4 m × 50 m, 3 m × 100 m and 4 m × 100 m.
  • Density
    50–300 g/m2.
  • Shade rate
    30% – 90%.
  • Packing
    5 pcs, 10 pcs or 20 pcs per bundle or roll.
  • Color
    Blue, green, orange, black, white, etc.
    Type one of vertical debris netting we

    Style 1

    Type two of vertical debris netting weaving method.

    Style 2

    Type three of vertical debris netting weaving method.

    Style 3

    Type four of vertical debris netting weaving method.

    Style 4

    Orange vertical debris netting shown.


    Piece of green vertical debris netting shown.


    Piece of blue vertical debris netting shown.


    Piece of black vertical debris netting shown.


    Piece of gray vertical debris netting.


    Piece of orange and white vertical debris netting.

    Orange & white


  • Building construction.
  • Building installation.
  • Facade protection netting.
  • Power station.
  • Water construction.
  • Wind and dust control.
  • Visual barrier.
  • For constructional site nice and clean.
  • Work high above ground.
Vertical debris netting is combined with scaffold for construction protection.
Vertical debris netting isolates the construction area from people and car.
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