Tecco Mesh – Active Rockfall Barrier Fastened onto Slope Tightly

Tecco mesh is fastened by two claw type spike plates.

With high safety and strength, tecco mesh is a perfect choice for active rockfall barrier.

Tecco mesh is made of high carbon steel wire. Tecco mesh system is a kind of active rockfall barrier system, including tecco mesh, wire rope anchor, spike plate, boundary rope, sewing rope and steel clips. With the wire ropes and steel clips, the tecco mesh is fastened onto the mountain or slope surface tightly and firmly to block the large stones and reduce the damage of landslip or debris flow.


  • High safety and tensile strength.
  • Rhomboid mesh structure for stability.
  • Corrosion and rust resistance.
  • Environmental friendly for plant growth.
  • Easy to install and transport.
  • Durable and long service life.


  • Material
    High carbon steel wire.
  • Surface treatment
    Hot dipped galvanized, zinc-aluminum coated.
  • Zinc thickness
    No less than 150 g/m2.
  • Wire diameter
    3 mm, 4 mm.
  • Mesh type
    Rhomboid hole.
  • Mesh size
    65 mm inscribed circle diameter.
  • Tensile strength
    Minimum 1770 MPa.
  • Braking load of single wire
    12.5 kN.
  • Mesh roll width
    1–3.5 m.
  • Mesh roll length
    10–30 m.
  • Fitting
    Steel anchor, claw type spike plate, soil or rock nails, clips, sewing rope, boundary rope. (The steel anchor is made of deformed steel bar of 25 mm diameter)



The tecco mesh is often installed on the soil or rock texture surface, such as mountain, slope to ensure the plant growth. Besides, it also can be used to control water, soil loss and external-soil spray seeding.

Tecco mesh installed on the slope below the rocks.
Tecco mesh installed on the hill surface to prevent the rockfall.
Several workers are installing the tecco mesh for mountain protection.
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