Barbless Wire in Livestock Farm Is High Strength & Protective

A roll of two twisted barbless wire.

Barbless wire as farm fence where barbed wire is prohibited. Not hurt thinner-skinned animals.

Barbless wire is twisted by two strands, mainly used as farm fence to control your value animals in a certain area.

Barbless wire replaces barbed wire where barbed wire is prohibited. Certainly, you can run it along the field fence in farms as you wish. Barbless wire with no sharp edge anywhere, but has superior properties. First, the double twisted construction makes it more strength than single wire. For another thing, thanks to its smooth surface, horses, cattle or other animals would not be scratched by barbless wire.


  • More strength than single strand wire.
  • Protect thinner-skinned animals from injury.
  • Match other kinds of fence.
  • Can replace barbed wire.
  • Can be electrified.
  • Easy to carry and store.


  • Material
    Low carbon wire, steel wire.
  • Wire size
    12.5 gauge, 14 gauge.
  • Length
    1320 mm. (available in customize).
  • Roll size
    11.3" x 11.3" x 10.7", 14" x 14" x 9", 14.5" × 14.5" ×12".
  • Weight
    64 Ibs, 68 Ibs, 69 Ibs.
  • Structure
    Double twisted wire.
  • Surface treatment
    Zinc coated.
  • Standard
    ASTM A121, ASTM A641.
  • Package
    Each roll come with carry reel in a durable bag and orderly put on truck.


  • Horse farm fence.
  • Cow farm fence.
  • Crop fence.
  • Boer goat farm fence.
  • Border fence on the grassland.
  • Orchard fence.
  • Garden fence.
A mare and her baby walking next to barbless wire fence.

High strength barbless wire – no hurt horse

Barbless wire was installed to livestock farm.

Barbless wire installed on livestock farm

A horse is gazing grass beside the barbless wire.

Barbless wire fence on a farm

Two horses are gazing grass next to the barbless wire fence.

Barbless wire as horse fence

Barbless wires are installed on wood post on a farm.

Barbless wire installed on wood post.

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