Post Driver and Post Puller – High Strength, Convenient Operation

There are three post drivers of different colors.

Compared with traditional hammer, post driver and post puller are more convenient and economical for post installing and uninstalling.

Fence post driver and post puller are both convenient tools that make the steel fence post installing and uninstalling easy and fast. Post driver is a hollow steel tube with handles for post installation; post puller, also called post lifter, is an efficient tool for post uninstallation. Using post driver and post puller can greatly avoid the damage to the fence post and save time. With high strength and convenient operation, post driver and post puller are popular and necessary for farmers, ranchers or fence owners.


  • High strength and convenient operation.
  • Eliminate vibrations, save time and labor.
  • Avoid the damage to fence post top coating surface.
  • Economical and practical.
  • Suitable for various metal fence posts.
  • Durable and long service life.


  • Post Driver
    • Material: Q235 steel.
    • Surface treatment: galvanized or PVC coated.
  • Post Puller
    • Material: 45 steel.
    • Surface treatment: powder coated.
    • Length: 80 cm.
    • Width: 22 cm.
    • Height: 45 cm.
    • Max lift distance: 15 cm.
    • Unit weight: 6 kg.
    • Packaging: 2 sets/carton.
    • Package size: 102 cm × 45 cm × 19 cm.
Table 1: Common Specifications of Post Driver
Item Driver Length
Tube Diameter
Tube Thickness
PDP-01 600 76 2.5
PDP-02 765 76 3.5
PDP-03 810 76 3.0
PDP-04 900 76 3.0
PDP-05 1000 76 3.5


A red post driver used for Y fence post installation.
A red post driver used for vineyard post installation.
A red post puller used for T studded post uninstalling.
A red post puller used for U fence post uninstalling.
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