Plant Hooks Have High Bearing Capacity, Corrosion and Rust Resistance

This is a black plant hook with two screw holes.

Plant hooks with high bearing capacity can be used to hang flower basket, birdcage and light.

Plant hooks are easy to hang the flower basket, light, birdcage and other things. Our plant hooks is made of low carbon steel or metal material. So it can load heavy weights without distortion. Plant hooks with galvanized or PVC coated can prevent corrosion and rust. It has long service life. So you do not need to replace and maintain frequently. Plant hooks also have beautiful appearance and can be a landscape in your garden.

We have different types of plant hooks that can be adapted to different applications. You can choose the most suitable product for your needs.


  • High strength, high bearing capacity.
  • Corrosion resistance, rust resistance.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Various colors and types.
  • Easy to install.


  • Material
    Steel, iron.
  • Color
    Black, white, gray or as your needs.
  • Surface treatment
    Galvanized, PVC coated, electrostatic spraying, powder coating.
  • Type
    There are four long plant hooks.

    Long plant hooks

    This is a long plant hook with two hooks.

    Long plant hook with two hooks

    This is a black plant hook with one up hook.

    Black plant hook with a up hook

    This is a plant hook with two down hooks

    Plant hook with down hooks

    This is a plant hook with a up hook.

    Plant hook with a up hook

    This is a plant hook with pattern of leaves.

    Plant hook with leaves pattern

    This is a curved plant hook.

    Curved plant hook


Plant hooks can be used to hang:

  • Flower basket.
  • Light.
  • Birdcage.

Plant hooks can be used in:

  • Garden.
  • Park.
  • Wall.
  • Indoor.
  • Weeding scene.
A flower basket is hanging on the plant hook.
There are many lights hanging on plant hooks.
The plant hook with flower baskets is in garden.
The plant hook with flower basket is on the wall.
This is a weeding scene with plant hooks.
This is a beautiful park with plant hook.
A flower basket is hanging on plant hooks.
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