Spiral Razor Wire – Defensive Barrier to Secure Sensitive Areas

One part of spiral razor wire is shown to us, each coil loop is left free in its natural spiral.

To add primary security on borders or in residential areas, governmental agencies.

Spiral razor wire is the simplest pattern in a barbed tape coil where there are no clips binding adjacent loops and each coil loop is left free in its natural spiral. Spiral razor wire can also be used as straight runner wire when stretched totally.


  • Spring wire for extra strength.
  • Custom made parameters are available.
  • Installed onto the existing fences or brick/wood walls.
  • Easy installation and no maintenance cost.


  • Blade Type
    BTO-10, BTO-12, BTO-18, BTO-22, BTO-28, BTO-30, CBT-60, CBT-65.
Spiral razor wire coil specification
Diameter (mm) Loops per coil Clips Recommended stretch length (m)
200 33 - 6
300 33 - 10
450 33 - 15
600 33 - 15
750 33 - 15
900 33 - 15

* Note: custom dimensions are also available.

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