Finial, Cap, Bracket – Strengthen and Beauty Your Wrought Iron Fence

A lot of fittings with various shapes, used for wrought iron fence.

3 types fittings, harmonized beautifully with wrought iron fence, and improve defense capability.

Three types fittings for wrought iron fence, finial, cap and bracket, each of which has its own characteristics in functional. For example, finial, very rich shape, either prevent people from climbing over the fence because of sharp tip, or beauty your fence.

Wrought iron fence cap avoids rainwater, stones, snow dropping into the bar due to its hollow.

Wrought iron fence bracket can greatly reinforce your fence.


  • Anti-rust.
  • Strong structure.
  • Multiple colour.
  • Multiple shape.
  • Longevity.


  • Material
    Mild steel, aluminum, stainless steel, copper.
  • Surface treatment
    Electric galvanized, hot dipped galvanized coating, spray paint, sandblasting, chrome plated, brass plated, polyester powder coating.
  • Color
    Black, gold, light green, silver, etc.
  • Service life
    20 years.
  • Type

    Finial, post cap, bracket.

    Ten type of wrought iron finials.

    Finials for wrought iron fence

    Three color wrought iron fence post caps, black, silver, gold.

    Post cap for wrought iron fence

    Black various shape fence mounts and brackets.

    Brackets for wrought iron fence


  • Ornamental fence.
  • Security fence.
  • Railing.
  • Window protector.
  • Bridge railing.
Grand wrought iron gate, a house behind the gate.
The sides and bottom of black wrought iron fence are concrete.
Wrought iron fence used in a park, small bar with finial at the top, the rectangle bigger bar with ball cap.
Wrought iron fence with ball shape cap fixs on the brick wall, formed a perfect protection fence.
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