Knitted Windbreak Netting with 35% – 75% Wind Reduction

Green knitted windbreak netting installed on chain link fence for court fencing.

Knitted windbreak netting with totally lock-stitched structure can effectively prevent wind and sand in agriculture and courts.

We can supplied the We can supplied the great value and all kinds of knitted windbreak netting with a large inventory. Knitted windbreak netting is made from HDPE Monofilament with UV additive for a long service life.

Knitted windbreak netting has high strength to prevent wind and hail because of its round section threads when it is used. Its common wind reduction is 35% – 75%.

It can be used with chain link fence in greenhouse, gardens and other outside areas to protect all kinds of plants and crops from wind, rain, snow and even heavy hail damaging. It also can be used as shade cloth to supply people and animals a good resting place.


  • Totally lock-stitched structure is not easy unravelling.
  • High anti-corrosion and rust-resistance.
  • Permeable – good air and water circulation.
  • Easy erection and quick installation.
  • Durable and a long service life.


  • Material
    HDPE Monofilament knitted with UV additive.
  • Wind Reduction
    35% – 75%.
  • Shade rate
    45% – 85%
  • Colors
    Green, blue, red, black, orange, yellow, etc.
  • Width
    1 m, 1.5 m, 2 m, 3 m and 6 m. Also accept other size.
  • Roll Length
    20 m, 30 m, 50 m, 100 m, 200 m and 300 m. Also accept other size.
  • Edge treatment
    • Eyelets woven into the edge every 5 cm.
    • Fix with netting clips, cable ties or cord.
    knitted windbreak net with sew edge.

    Sew edge.

    Black knitted windbreak netting with reinforced edge.

    Copper button hole.

    Green knitted windbreak netting with reinforced edge.

    Galvanized button hole.

Table 1: Specification of Knitted Windbreak Netting
Items Pattern Wind Reduction Shade Rate Weight (g/m2)
LKW-354580 Knitted windbreak netting LKW-354580. 35% 45% 80
MKW-405010 Knitted windbreak netting MKW-405010. 40% 50% 100
MKW-405011 Knitted windbreak netting MKW-405011 40% 50% 110
MKW-505514 Knitted windbreak netting MKW-505514. 50% 55% 140
HKW-506027 Knitted windbreak netting MKW-506027. 50% 60% 270
HKW-556529 Knitted windbreak netting MKW-556529. 55% 65% 290
HKW-657530 Knitted windbreak netting MKW-627530. 65% 75% 300
HKW-758532 Knitted windbreak netting MKW-758532. 75% 85% 320


  • Agricultural plants and crops protection.
  • Coal storage yard wall and fence.
  • Stockyard protection.
  • Port wharf protection.
  • Industrial sites protects materials from lost.
  • Decorative design.
  • Residential areas fence.
  • Shade cloth for resting places.
  • Badminton court, volley ball court and tennis court.
Knitted windbreak netting is used to protect crops from wind and hail damaging.
Knitted windbreak netting is used as shade cloth in resting place.
Knitted windbreak netting as fence isolation in tennis court.
Knitted windbreak netting is used to protect vegetables from wind and hail damaging.
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