Random Packing – Metallic, Plastic & Ceramic for All Your Applications

Several random packings in metal, plastic and ceramic materials and various types.

Random packing, multiple sizes, materials and types for almost all your new or existing towers.

Random packing, available for metallic, plastic or ceramic materials, is a widely used and high efficient column tower packing in gas, chemical and refinery plants for distillation, absorption and fractionation. Raschig ring, pall ring, VSP ring, Cascade mini ring, Dixon ring and many other types supply low pressure drop, high flux and high dealing performance. Tell us your requirements, we will satisfy all your needs.


  • Metallic/plastic/ceramic materials to suit different environments.
  • Multiple types for different packed towers.
  • High temperature and chemical stability for high performance.
  • High flux and low pressure drop.
  • Improved liquid-gas distribution and high mass transfer performance.


  • Material
    Stainless steel, copper, phosphor bronze, PP, PVC, PVDF, CPVC, ceramic, etc.
  • Popular Type
    Two stainless steel pall rings lying on the white background.

    RP-01: Pall ring

    A standing and a lying raschig ring on the white background.

    RP-02: Raschig ring

    Several stainless steel dixon rings in different conditions on the white background.

    RP-03: Dixon rings
    Metal only

    A standing and a lying super mini ring on the white background.

    RP-04: Super mini ring

    A standing and a lying super raschig ring on the white background.

    RP-05: Super raschig ring
    Metal only

    Two stainless steel saddle rings on the white background.

    RP-06: Saddle ring

    Two VSP rings lean against each other on the white background.

    RP-07: VSP ring
    Metal only

    Two stainless steel cascade mini rings on the white background.

    RP-08: Cascade mini ring

    Two PP polyhedral hollow balls on the black background.

    RP-09: Polyhedral hollow ball
    Plastic only

    Two PP tri-pack rings on the black background.

    RP-10: Tri-pack ring
    Plastic only

    Two PP pentagon rings in different condition on the black background.

    RP-11: Pentagon ring
    Plastic only

    Two super saddle rings in different conditions on the black background.

    RP-12: Super saddle ring

  • There are numerous kinds of random packing, including Raschig ring, pall ring, saddle ring in metallic, plastic and ceramic. Here is the PDF including structure, common specs and applications of different random packing. Just browse and refer to them and choose the best for you.


Process. Random packing is widely used in various process for high efficient gas and liquid separation.

  • Function.
  • Distillation.
  • Absorption.
  • Fractionation.
  • Extraction.
  • Purification.
  • Filtration.

Fields. Random packing is widely accepted and used in multiple fields for high efficient production.

  • Chemical.
  • Refinery.
  • Chlor-alkali.
  • Metallurgy.
  • Petroleum.
  • Coal gas.
  • Environmental protection.
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