Rabbit Cage with Different Types, Anti-Corrosion and Stable Structure

A rabbit cage with a black rabbit and a brown rabbit in it.

You can find suitable rabbit cage in Walcoom no matter in indoor, outdoor or poultry farm.

Rabbit cage can be divided into four types: common rabbit cage, welded wire rabbit cage, farm breeding rabbit cage and rabbit cage with wheels. They can be used in different place, such as: rabbit cage in indoor and farm breeding rabbit cage in poultry farm. The rabbit cage with wheels is easy to move from one place to another place. You can choose it on your own needs. And the foldable cage not only easy to store, but also to save on shipping costs.

In addition, except for the specifications that we display in this page and pdf, we can also customize according to the size of your request.


  • Stable structure improves the durability.
  • Anti-corrosion and anti-rust.
  • Small opening mesh to prevent the rabbits running away.
  • You can expand the runway to provide a wide range of activity space for your rabbit.
  • The wheels can be added to improve mobility.
  • Easy to assembled without tools or connecting pieces.


  • Material
    Low carbon wire, stainless steel wire.
  • Surface treatment
    Hot dipped galvanized, PVC coated (all colors), vinyl coated.
  • Different types

    Common rabbit cage, welded wire rabbit cage, farm breeding rabbit cage, rabbit cage with wheels.

    A rabbit cage with a water bottle.

    Common small rabbit cage

    A galvanized welded wire rabbit cage.

    Welded wire rabbit cage

    A farm breeding rabbit cage with many rabbits in it.

    Farm breeding rabbit cage

    A rabbit cage with wheels in the picture.

    Rabbit cage with wheels

Table: The Dimension of Rabbit Cage
Item Length Width Height
inch m inch m inch m
RCT-01 16 0.40 24 0.60 24 0.60
RCT-02 24 0.60 24 0.60 16 0.40
RCT-03 24 0.60 24 0.60 21 0.53
RCT-04 25 0.63 16 0.40 19 0.48
RCT-05 25 0.63 19 0.48 20.5 0.52
RCT-06 30 0.76 30 0.76 16 0.40
RCT-07 30 0.76 30 0.76 18 0.46
RCT-08 36 0.91 30 0.76 18 0.46
RCT-09 37 0.94 18 0.46 21 0.53
RCT-10 37 0.94 19 0.48 20.5 0.52


  • Special specifications can be customized as per samples.
  • Specific specifications for other types of rabbit cages can be viewed by downloading PDF.


Rabbit cage is mainly used for rearing rabbits in such place:

  • Poultry farms.
  • Indoors.
  • Outdoors.
A two-tier rabbit cage with four wheels.
A welded wire rabbit cage is closed and a brown and white rabbit in it.
A indoor farm breeding rabbit cage with four floors
A rabbit cage with two-tier is in the room and a rabbit is on the slope between the first and second floor.
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