Barbecue Grill Basket Is Convenient for Roasting Fish, Meat & Vegetable

The mesh hole of barbecue grill basket is square, and four ends consolidated by black metal panels.

Barbecue grill basket can be used to roast fish, various vegetables, and meat piece.

Barbecue grill basket is a novel BBQ grill mesh with handle or lid. Grill basket is design to make it easier for people to hold and toss food. The added advantage is that it save time and sticks.

The shape of barbecue grill basket includes one fish-shape, two fish-shape, etc. Fish-shape is specially for roasting fish. For other shape, for example, square and rectangle barbecue grill basket is able for roasting vegetable and meat.


  • Capable of flipping.
  • High temperature resistance.
  • Nonpoisonous.
  • Smooth surface.
  • Uniform small meshes.
  • Easy cleaning.
  • Heavy duty and stable structure.


  • Material
    Stainless steel, copper.
  • Handle material
    Metal, plastic, wood.
  • Surface treatment
    Chrome plated or non-stick plated.
  • Wire diameter
    0.4–3.0 mm.
  • Edge
    Welded edge.
  • Service life
  • Shape

    Round, rectangle, square, fish-shape, etc.

    Fish-shape barbecue grill basket with black handle and it only for roast one fish.

    Barbecue grill basket only for one fish

    Square BBQ grill basket with wooden handle, it can hold two fish and other things around.

    Two fish barbecue grill holder

    Stainless steel barbecue grill basket with a metal handle longer than the basket.

    Long handle barbecue grill basket

    Small mesh hole barbecue grill basket with wooden handle.

    Deep barbecue grill basket

    This barbecue grill basket with a removable handle.

    Barbecue grill basket with detachable handle

    This type of barbecue grill basket with a lid that allows you toss your food without any falling out.

    BBQ grill basket with lid


  • Roasting vegetable.
  • Roasting seafood.
  • Roasting fish.
  • Roasting bread.
  • Roasting hot dog.
Cooked meat piece and onion in barbecue grill basket.
A barbecue grill basket is full of various vegetables, and was put on grill mat for roasting.
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