Chainmail Gauntlet Provides Hand Protection & Gripping Capabilities

A hand wearing fingerless chainmail gauntlet looks very cool.

Chainmail gauntlet is used for the role playing and fashion shows, which made you very cool.

Chainmail gauntlet is made from mild steel round rings and treated with zinc coating. The rings form together in traditional 4-in-1 chain pattern for the use in cosplay, costume activities, role play, sword fight and art exhibition. Chainmail gauntlet can be made from entirely low carbon steel or leather hand palm and mild steel hand back.

Chainmail gauntlet also providing solid hand (wrist) protection and good gripping capability for purchasers.


  • Solid hand protection.
  • Good grip capability.
  • Good plasticity and toughness.
  • Good crack resistance.
  • Sense of fashion.


  • Material
    Steel, mild steel, brass, leather, stainless steel.
  • Gauge
    16, 18.
  • Butted round diameter
    9 mm.
  • Ring type
    Butted, riveted.
  • Surface treatment
  • Gauntlet type
    Fingerless chainmail gauntlet, five-finger chainmail gauntlet, mild & leather combination chainmail gauntlet.
  • Package
    A plastic bag for each pair of chainmail gauntlet.


  • Chainmail warrior gloves.
  • Costume activities.
  • Cosplay.
  • Live action role play (LARP).
  • Sword fight.
  • Art exhibition.
A lady wearing a pair of fingerless chainmail gauntlet.
Fingerless chainmail gauntlets with adornment on one`s hands.
Hands wearing fingerless chainmail gauntlet and grasp stones
A boy wearing fingerless chainmail gauntlet and crosses hands on the chest.
Hands with chainmail gauntlets and holding a sword.
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