Paper Covered Craft wire – High Flexibility, Bright Color, Easy to Cut

Nine coils of colorful paper covered craft copper wire for floral arrangement.

Walcoom offers colorful and environmental paper covered craft wire used for stem wire available for artificial flowers.

Paper covered craft wire is very tightly wrapped with paper coating, resulting in a finer wire to insert into your floral arrangement. Galvanized wire, aluminum wire are usually used as raw material. This is popular, essential for floristry item to make paste leaves and petals. In addition, paper covered craft wire is also good for other craft items, weaving decorative.


  • Non-toxic, up to export environmental requirements.
  • Bright colors, difficult to fall off.
  • Flexible, easy to cut.
  • Anti-aging.
  • Any size can be available.
  • Low cost and long service life.


  • Material
    Iron wire, aluminum wire, galvanized wire, etc.
  • Type
    Paper covered.
  • Gauge
    14–28 gauge.
  • Diameter
    0.3–1.6 mm.
  • Length
    20–60 cm or on demand.
  • Shape
  • Hardness
    Dead soft, half-hard, full hard.
  • Color
    Black, white, green, red, blue, purple, pink, yellow, silver, golden, etc.
  • Package
    • Type: coil wire, stub wire.
    • External package:
      • 500 g–1 kg/coil, 1 coil/plastic bag, 10 bags/carton.
      • Stub wire: 20–60 cm, 50 pcs/bundle or 100 pcs/bundle.


  • Craft items
  • Weaving decorative.
  • Floral arrangements.
  • DIY crafts.
  • Garlands.
A colorful weaving decoration made by paper covered craft wire.
Many colorful paper covered craft wire bundles are arranged in a circular shape.
Three coils of colorful paper covered craft wire.
The picture clearly show how to make artificial flower with paper covered craft wire.
A beautiful garland made of paper covered craft wire and other materials.
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