A Variety of Anti-Rust Wire Cart Accessories to Meet Your Requirements

Four black wire cart swivel casters.

Walcoom provides you with a variety of wire cart accessories matching with the wire cart.

Wire cart accessories mainly include shelf, basket, posts, handle, split sleeve and swivel casters. Every wire cart accessories plays an important role in a wire shelving cart, such as: wire cart shelf is used to place the goods; wire cart baskets can prevent the goods from falling; wire cart posts used to support whole wire shelving cart; wire cart handle and swivel casters can allow us to use wire shelving carts more convenient and more efficient, etc.

In addition, most of our wire cart accessories are chrome coated, they also with the anti-rust and anti-corrosion.


  • Anti-rust and anti-corrosion.
  • Durable with longer lifespan.

Different Types

  • Wire cart shelf
    Wire cart shelf is an important part of the wire shelving cart. It is not only has a stable structure and the performance of ant-rust and anti-corrosion, but also with a high loading capacity, so it can carry heavier goods.
  • Wire cart basket
    For some fragile items and globular items, wire cart basket is the most suitable choice. Higher edges prevent fragile items from accidentally falling, and also prevent globular objects from rolling off, reducing unnecessary losses.
  • Wire cart posts
    Wire cart posts plays an important role in supporting the entire wire shelving cart, it can connect wire cart shelves or wire cart baskets. Wire cart posts are also rustproof and anti-corrosive, so it very durable. In addition, it can be adjusted to different heights according to your needs.
  • Wire cart handle
    Wire shelving cart with handle can make us push or pull more convenient, raise speed and improve efficiency.
  • Wire cart split sleeve
    Wire cart sleeve is mainly used for fixing. They are usually combined with the ring to fix the wire car posts, making the wire shelving cart more stable.
  • Swivel casters
    Swivel casters can make wire shelving cart move quickly and freely, saving manpower and improving transportation.


A chrome coated wire cart shelf.

Wire cart shelf

A chrome coated wire cart basket.

Wire cart basket

Four adjustable wire cart posts.

Wire cart posts

A single chrome coated wire cart handle.

Wire cart handle

A chrome surface split sleeve with a ring.

Wire cart split sleeve

Two black rubber with steel swivel casters.

Wire cart swivel caster

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