Wire Shelving – Mobile or Stationary

Three-tier wire shelving, two layer of it is placed with some merchandises.

Wire shelvings with the feature of large capacity and load bearing, allow to store various objects.

Walcoom offers you four kinds of shelves, they are cargo handing cart, file cart, wire cube shelving, merchandise display shelving.

Wire shelving usually set with two layers or more than two layers, which efficiently save space. In addition, wire shelving is an ideal tool for handing or storing items thanks to its swivel wheels.

Wire shelving system are load bearing structure for storage things in warehouse, home, office, factory, bookstore and so on.


  • Multi-floor.
  • Multi-shape.
  • Large capacity.
  • High bearing capacity.
  • With handles.
  • With wheels or without.
  • Easy to push and drag.


  • Material
    Carbon steel, stainless steel.
  • Surface treatment
    Chrome plated, powder/epoxy coating, galvanized.
  • Color
    Black, white, sliver, etc.
  • Shape
    Rectangle, square, triangle, etc.
  • Spacer
    Two to six or more.
  • Wheel type
  • Type

    Cargo handing cart, file cart, wire cube shelving, merchandise display shelving.

    Three-floor wire shelving with handles and four wheels.

    Wire cargo cart

    Black file cart with two-layer, the bottom is wire mesh panel.

    File cart

    Four space wire storage cube shelving. They are plastic connectors on every connected corner.

    Wire cube shelving

    Three-tier wire shelving.

    Merchandise display shelving


  • Cargo handing cart.
  • Household items shelving.
  • Book shelving.
  • Merchandise display shelving.
  • Balls storage cube.
  • Mail cart.
  • File cart.
White, four-tier wire shelving in the house, each spacers are full of shoes.
Corner wire shelving placed at the corner in the bathroom, toiletries filled the shelf.
Black file cart with four wheels, allow to push and drag.
Fifty four spaces wire cube wire shelving contains various kinds of objects.
Two-floor wire mail cart with swivel wheels, used to carry cartons and files.
Single wire shelving mount to the wall, allow to hang spoons and dishes.
Three-tier wire cart full of china teapot and cups.
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