Steel Grating Bench Coated With PVC and Zinc for Anti-Corrosion Reason

Black steel grating bench has back rest in a public area.


Steel grating bench is a long seat for several people to sit at the some time. Steel grating bench is characterized by durable and stable performance. It is very heavy as well as concrete benches, often installed in facilities that requires permanent use and weather-resistant. Many steel benches designed with back seats and arm.

Brown steel grating bench for a pavilion.


This brown steel grating bench has no arms and back rests. This bench is an unconventional seat in a public area for people to sit on. To prolong its lifespan, the surface is coated with color paint. It is a simple structure but durable enough to support a great amount of people simultaneously. As well as other objects.

Galvanized steel grating is made into table and bench on brick.


A table and benches are all made of steel grating in a public park. This simple steel grating benches are simple steel grating panels placed on brick supports, only requires less time to install. It has a good drainage and non-slip performance because of its porous structure. Meanwhile, it is strong enough seat on which many people sit simultaneously.

Green coating steel grating benches are set on seating places in a public park.


Metal benches is very commonplace. Steel grating bench is a kind of metal benches, come in a variety of colors and designs. The steel grating has heavy nature, thus do not easy to collapse or move. The PVC or powder coating make it beautiful, also have an anti-corrosion effective. Except for public park, steel grating benches are appropriate for any environment, for example, ocean side, recreational venues, railway stations, plazas, gardens, castles, etc.

Red steel grating armchair on the grassland.


Red coating steel grating bench are very obvious, so people can find it quickly. The bench with backrests conform to the physiological features of human, so people can sit comfortable. Thanks to its porous structure, steel grating bench will not accumulate snow on its surface in snow days. Apart from that, the red coated surface resistant to corrosion, greatly prolong its lifespan.

A octagon steel grating bench has no arm and back rests near a flower bed.


For aesthetic reason, the steel grating shapes octagon. As you can see from the picture, the bench has no arm and back rests, thus allows people sit on it and facing different directions. The diameter of the octagon benches is 3000 mm. It both suitable for commercial area and residential area. The advantages of steel grating include modern and stylish design, stable and durable, good drainage structure.

A steel grating armchair with arms on the ground.


The steel grating bench is totally 80 cm high, 54 wide and 180 cm long that accommodate 3 to 4 people sitting at the same time. This kind of steel grating bench is very heavy, keeping stable all the time even in a strong windy day. The backrest and bench are treated with zinc coating and galvanized in order to prolong life span when used in a outdoor environment.

A galvanized metal bench placed in a public park.


Steel grating bench is common use, suitable for public parks, squares, communities, corridor, garden and so on. Steel grating has the following advantages, first, the excellent self-cleaning characteristics of plain surface make it popular used as outdoor bench. Second, compare steel grating bench with wooden bench, steel grating bench costs low maintenance, furthermore, it will not decay under the sun and rain for a long time. Lastly, steel grating reduces the use of wood, greatly improves green environment.


  • High load bearing capacity.
  • Anti-rust and anti-corrosion.
  • Anti-slip but not sting your ass.
  • Stable and not prone to topple.
  • Various shapes and grace design.
  • Long service life.


  • Material
    Low carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum.
  • Length
    1800 mm (based on actual need).
  • Height
    450–1400 mm (based on actual need).
  • Width
    540 mm.
  • Surface treatment
    PVC coating, galvanized, powder coating.
  • Color
    Red, green, black, brown, white, etc.
  • Technical process
    Press-locked, welded, swage locked.


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