Expanded Metal Bench Has Different Shapes – Stylish and Beautiful

Four linked expanded metal benches encircle a square table.


These benches are special design, surrounding a square table in the center. It is a mobile benches. Four of them are linked. As you can see from the picture, the table permits an umbrella insert in the middle. The type of expanded metal bench is particularly designed to used when you are going to have a picnic.

A green rectangle expanded metal bench mounted on the concrete slab.


It is a very simple and elegant expanded metal bench mounted on the concrete ground. It has no backrest and arms. Green coating is a popular use on bench. The high gloss coating is so important, not only for good looks, but also for helping the ultraviolet stabilizers, decease fading over years of sunlight exposure.

A rectangle green expanded metal bench is located in a park.


The expanded metal benches is suitable for both indoor or outdoor. This type of expanded metal bench is removable and fixable. For durable and aesthetic reason, public benches are frequent coated with PVC coating, powder coating and thermoplastic coating. Thermoplastic is an environment coating, which is one of the most popular coating for expanded metal bench.

A yellow expanded metal bench in a public park.


Yellow outdoor expanded metal bench is used in public park. The yellow bench is made of expanded metal, coated with thermoplastic coating, thus, it has superior weather-resistant in a exposed environment. Expanded metal bench is very durable than expected. The setup of expanded metal bench is very easy and heavy so even the strong wind will not be able to move it around.

Mobile red expanded metal bench has backrest.


The type of expanded metal bench with a red thermoplastic coating so that resistant to corrosion, fading, mold, vandalism and rust. Apart from these excellent advantages, this protective coating creates a smooth, high-gloss surface, giving people a feeling of pleasing. This expanded metal bench is mobile, so you can move it to anywhere as you want.

A blue movable expanded metal bench has backrest.


This expanded metal bench is 8 feet long, allowing several people to sit at the same time. It is painted with thermoplastic coating. PVC coating or powder coating are also acceptable. Beautiful protective coating prolong its lifespan. What's more, it is not only beautiful and elegant but also removable.

A linked but only for three men to sit expanded metal bench next to fountains.


It is a removable expanded metal bench fit for park, bus stations, bleachers, gardens, campuses, etc. It features self-cleaning, perfectly suitable for outdoor use. Of course, it is removable, so you can move it to any place. Unlike wood or concrete bench, expanded metal bench is recyclable. It will not decay under the sun and rain for a quite long time, just need low maintenance.

Blue coating expanded metal has three seats.


The bench accepts three people to sit simultaneously. It has no backrest and arms, less than 1 meter high. Whether adults or children can sit easily and comfortable. This unique expanded metal bench is suited to provide a comfortable relaxing break to enjoy the beautiful scenery. The expanded metal bench ensures maintenance-free durability.


  • Very durable and stable.
  • Vary in colors and shapes.
  • Beautiful and stylish.
  • Multiple people can sit at the same time.
  • Superior weather-resistant.
  • Good self-cleaning.
  • Fit for any public places.


  • Material
  • Length
    48", 72", 96".
  • Height
    17", 16-1/2", 18", 33".
  • Width
    24", 30", 40".
  • Weight
    49 Ibs, 70Ibs, 79 Ibs, 88 Ibs, 149 Ibs, 170 Ibs, 199 Ibs.
  • Surface treatment
    Thermoplastic coating, powder coating, PVC coating.
  • Color
    Yellow, green, red, blue, gray, brown, etc.
  • Type
    Stationary, mobile bench.
  • Design
    With backrest or without.
  • Package
    Each bench is wrapped by vacuum film.


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