Flat End Fibers Are to Reinforce Concrete for Many Sorts of Buildings

Some straight steel fibers with flat ends.

Flat fiber reduce crack widths and control the crack widths to improve durability.

Flat end fiber is made of cold-drawn steel wire. fibers with high tensile strength up to 1150 MPa. It is also called fiber-reinforced concrete which 500 times resistance to cracking and 40 percent lighter than traditional concrete. Special design of flat end provides optimum anchorage within the concrete mix rather than relying on the friction between concrete and steel. Often used in precasting concrete to reinforce floors, tunnels or buildings structural integrity and strength. The amount of flat end fiber shall be based on the percentage of the volume of composite, named "volume fraction" (Vf). Vf ranges from 0.1 to 3%.


  • Improve structural strength and durability.
  • Improve freeze-thaw resistance.
  • Reduce steel reinforcement requirements.
  • Easy to mix up with concrete.
  • Long service life.
  • Environmental friendly.


  • Material
    Steel wire.
  • Diameter
    0.65 mm.
  • Length
    35 mm.
  • Aspect ratio l/d
  • Tensile strength
    1150 MPa.
  • Net weight/box
    25 kg. Also available in big bag of 1000 kg.
  • Standard
    EN 4889, ASTM A820/A820M, ISO-13270.
  • Package
    In cardboard boxes.


  • Shotcrete.
  • Precasting applications.
  • Tunnel project.
  • Industrial flooring projects.
  • Building construction.
  • Highway construction.
  • Bridge construction.
  • Airport runway construction.
Workers are spraying fiber reinforce concrete to the four sides of wall.

Steel fiber used in building construction

Flat end fibers mixed with concrete.

Cement and steel fiber

A dam is built by steel fibers and concrete mixture.

Steel fiber apply to dam construction

A concrete mixer is spraying fiber reinforce concrete in a dig hole.

Spray fiber reinforced concrete

Workers attach fiber reinforce concrete to the rock wall.

Steel fiber used in concrete

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