A man holding a soft pipe and spraying concrete to the wall.

Sprayed concrete

Fiber reinforce concrete used in flooring concrete, and the concrete has been harden.

Industrial flooring

A lot of pieces of precasting concrete slab on the ground.

Precasting concrete

Steel fiber used in repair concrete to pillars.

Situ and repair concretes.

Generally, fibers include steel fiber, glass fiber, glass fibers, synthetic fibers and natural fibers. Each fiber has they own superior performance in different fields. But steel fiber is a new fiber-reinforced concrete used in industry. In some specific circumstances, steel fiber is completely instead of steel rebars in concrete.

Why choose the steel fiber?

In contract to rebar, steel fibers makes difference in controlling cracks, lowering the possibility of maintenance and saving your budget.

  • Strengthen the initial crack strength.
  • High fiber counts intercepting micro-cracks and preventing crack propagation by limiting tensile strength.
  • Uniform distribution of steel fiber throughout the matric reinforce isotropically ensures no weak plane for a crack to follow.
  • Flexural strength allows for a thinner slab, about 25% thinner than conventional methods.

How steel fibres save your time and MONEY?

  • Significantly reduced risk of cracking.
  • Reduced spalling joint edges.
  • Stronger joints.
  • High impact resistance.
  • Greater fatigue endurance.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Longer useful working life

Widely use of steel fiber

  • Industrial floors.
  • Tunnel project.
  • Parking lot.
  • Playground.
  • Airport runway.
  • Taxiway.
  • Burner blocks.
  • Blast furnace.
  • Low cement castable.
  • Fire clays.
  • Torpedo ladle.
  • Building construction.
  • Highway construction.
  • Bridge construction.

The quantity of steel fiber in concrete

The amount of steel fiber added to concrete is a called "volume fraction" (Vf). The volume fracture ranges from 0.1% to 0.3%. The use of steel fiber is a small quantity thus it is very cost-effective.

Based on the advantage above, steel fiber is an ideal industrial product for purchasers.