Nylon Filter Mesh with Good Ductility, Abrasion and Chemical Resistance

A white nylon filter bag with a belt on the white background.

Walcoom nylon filter mesh with fine meshes that can provides you better filtering performance.

Nylon filter mesh is a kind of woven mesh formed by mechanical processing with nylon wire as raw material. According to the different material, nylon mesh can be divided into PA6, PA66 series. They have excellent heat resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, and they also with good ductility and toughness, so it can be widely used in the filtration of liquid, air and oil industry.

In addition, nylon filter mesh can be used for flour screening, different series have different specifications, specific specifications can be viewed from PDF.


  • Heat resistance, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance.
  • Good ductility and tenacity.
  • Fine meshes with better filtering performance.
  • Ideal for filtering hard impurities and high viscosity liquid.
  • Easy to clean and maintenance.
  • Economical and efficient.


  • Material
    Polyamide (PA6/PA66).
  • Type
    Bag, media, tube, panel and cloth.
  • Mesh size
    30–130 mesh.
  • Thread diameter
    0.225–0.275 mm.
  • Thickness
    0.42–0.48 mm.
  • Mesh opening
    0.565–0.635 mm.
  • Open area
  • Standard
    YY/T 1288.


Nylon filter mesh is widely used in the filtration of liquid, gas and oil industries. In addition, nylon filter mesh is ideal for viscosity liquid.

A nylon filter bag with some rubbish in one hand.
A nylon filter mesh is used for separating beer and wine residue.
Four different colors of nylon filter mesh with metal frame.
A nylon filter mesh with some yogurt grains.
A hand is holding the nylon filter mesh funnel to filter viscosity liquid.
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