Nylon Trellis Netting – High Strength, Soft Structure and Durable

A piece of nylon trellis netting on the grey background.

Walcoom nylon trellis netting helps your plants growing up healthy and easy for you to use.

Nylon trellis netting is a kind of plant support net, it can be installed vertically or horizontally according to the growth structure of the plants. Nylon trellis netting can help to save the ground surface and protect the plants against attacking from animals. Nylon trellis netting with high strength can support the weight of cucumber, tomato and other vines and also can be used in all kinds of weathers. The soft structure of nylon trellis netting will not hurt the plants.

In addition, the material of nylon trellis netting is very light, so it is easy for us to assemble, disassemble and remove.


  • High strength fits all kinds of weathers.
  • Soft structure is no harm to the plants.
  • The large opening size for easy harvesting.
  • Train plants to grow in vertically to save space and prevent from decaying.
  • Low maintenance to saving cost, and it is much cheaper than the metal trellis netting.
  • Durable and can be used year after year.


  • Material
    Nylon wire.
  • Mesh type
  • Mesh size (mm)
    100, 130, 150, 200.
  • Width (m)
    1, 1.2, 1.5, 1.7, 2.
  • Length (m)
    10, 30, 50, 100, 500, 1000.
  • Weight
    8–10 g/m2.
  • Color
    Commonly is white. Black, red and green are also available.
  • Form

    Vertical, horizontal.

    Black nylon trellis netting is supporting a plant.

    Black nylon trellis netting

    White nylon trellis netting is supporting a plant.

    White nylon trellis netting

    White nylon trellis netting is installed in vertically.

    Vertical nylon trellis netting

    White nylon trellis netting is fastened to the wooden post in horizontal.

    Horizontal nylon trellis netting


Nylon trellis netting can be used to support the growth of many plants, such as:

  • Pea.
  • Tomato.
  • Grape.
  • Clematis.
  • Cucumber.
  • Courgettes.
  • Chrysanthemum.
  • Freesia.
  • Bean.
  • Morning glory.
Nylon trellis netting is supporting the tomato plants and several tomatoes on it.
Nylon trellis netting is installed in the garden and several flowers in the garden.
Nylon trellis netting is supporting the vine plant with small yellow flowers.
Nylon trellis netting connected with the eaves for supporting morning glory.
Nylon trellis netting used vertically for plant growth.
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