Stainless Steel Rope Mesh – Flexible Barrier to Animal Enclosure

Two large tigers are standing on the passageway made from stainless steel rope meshes.

See-through mesh of zoo enclosure offers visitors unique vantage point to see animals.

Animal enclosures made from durable cable mesh provides solutions to changing the old-fashioned approach that animals stay confined to their living spaces, usually cages.

Stainless steel rope mesh fabric works as ultimate transparent net structure which is also the primary load carrying structure. Its various mesh sizes go for all animal species and tourists could get a closer look at gorillas, orangutans, big cats and more.


  • Abrasion and corrosion resistance.
  • Low weight yet sufficiently strong.
  • High durability and invisible barrier.
  • Full of resilience able to be adjusted to suit.
  • Easy to assemble and low maintenance.
  • Can be colored to any available RAL value.
  • Multiple sizes for all animal species.
  • Can be stretched into any shape that needed.


  • Material
    stainless steel.
  • Wire sizes
    1–5 mm.
  • Wire rope construction
    7 × 7, 7 × 19, 1 × 19.
  • Mesh size
    20–200 mm.
  • Certification
    certified to EN1263-1 for static and dynamic load capacity.


Enclosures for large cats, aviaries, primates and most other land animal species in various large and medium-sized zoos.

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