Wire Rope Mesh Building Facade Keeps People Safe & Prevent Birds Fly in

Durable wire rope mesh covers a spiral staircase and make it very novel.


A spiral staircase is located in the water which with firm and solid wire rope mesh facade. The advantages of wire rope mesh contain two points, firstly keeps people safe when they walk up and down; secondly allows people to look around. Wire rope mesh also fit for zoo fence, bridge railing, indoor building railing, etc.

A modern and geometric frame building is protected by wire rope mesh.


Wire rope mesh is an ideal product as building facades. Here, wire rope mesh is seen as facade covering the top of modern building in downtown. The obvious advantage of adding wire rope mesh on the surface of building is that plants are able to climb up, hence, providing a natural and green sunshades. This gorgeous wire rope mesh building facade is increasing apply to modern architecture in commercial buildings, such as viewing platform, school, office building, etc.

Stainless steel wire rope mesh covers on the outside of a building.


Wire rope mesh building facade is made of stainless steel AISI 31, AISI316L. Stainless steel wire rope mesh building facade is characterized by anti-corrosion and rust, therefore, ensure its long service life. Wire rope mesh design is according to customer's actual needs, it not only fit to installed outside but also inside. When use at outside, wire rope mesh allows plant to climbing. While inside, it gives people a visual enjoyment from inside.

Wire rope mesh covers on the external of a modern building.


Look at the picture, a solemn building is enclosed by wire rope mesh. This strong and flexible wire rope mesh not only makes the building more majestic but also keeps birds away. Walcoom wire rope mesh material includes stainless steel, 304, 304L, 316, 316L. It is also permit to use inside or outside.

A viewing platform is enclosed by wire rope mesh.


Wire rope mesh is increasingly used as building facade in anywhere. Wire rope mesh is made of stainless steel 304, 304L, 316, 316L, features anti-corrosion and rust. Besides, wire rope mesh is strong enough to protect people. It can be seen from the picture, a viewing platform is enclosed by durable wire rope mesh, thus, people are able to enjoy the view safely.

Plants grows on the wire rope mesh building facade.


As you see, plants almost scatter over the wire rope mesh. This type of wire rope mesh building facade is mainly aim to create a natural and environment-friend sunshade. Generally, the size of wire rope mesh changes varying with the actual environment and geographical restrictions. One thing can be sure is that, wire rope mesh is only made from stainless steel. It is strong and durable to hold lush, heavy plants.

Wire rope mesh installed on every window, and some plants grow on it.


Wire rope mesh installed in the area of open corridor with two purposes. One is to provide a empty space into which plant grow. It is able to stand up heavy bearing. Another is to stop bird flying in. The stainless steel wire rope mesh is light, robust and transparent that use it in the field of building construction.

Wire rope mesh entirely cover the window to prevent birds from flying in.


Wire rope mesh is a tensile, pleasing and versatile product when acting as building facade. Nowadays, wire rope mesh is wide used in architecture. Wire rope mesh are deal building facades to achieve nearly unobstructed views as the wire rope mesh is much thinner and durable than wood facade and glass facade. It features modern aesthetic and often chosen for that reason.


  • Very solid and durable, thus offers people a strong protection.
  • Pretty novel & stylish, makes buildings more attractive.
  • Allows people enjoy the outside view.
  • Allows plants climbing on.
  • Prevent birds from flying in.
  • Suitable for various kinds of buildings.
  • Made of stainless steel 304, 304 L, 316, 316 L, thus, resistant to corrosion & rust.


  • Material
    Stainless steel wire.
  • Mesh angle
    60 degree.
  • Wire diameter
    2–6 mm.
  • Standard
  • Mesh shape
  • Package
    Each roll of stainless steel wire rope mesh wrapped by waterproof plastic or box.
Table-1: Specification of Wire Rope Mesh (weight per m2 by cable diameter)
Opening (W × H) mm 1 mm 1.5 mm 2 mm 3 mm 4 mm
Code Weight Code Weight Code Weight Code Weight Code Weight
25 × 43 1025 0.64 kg 1525 1.59 kg 2025 3025 4025
30 x 52 1030 0.53 kg 1530 1.30 kg 2030 3030 4030
35 x 61 1035 0.42 kg 1535 1.01 kg 2035 1.74 kg 3035 4035
40 x 69 1040 0.36 kg 1540 0.88 kg 2040 1.51 kg 3040 4040
50 x 87 1050 0.27 kg 1550 0.65 kg 2050 1.12 kg 3050 2.82 kg 4050 5.09 kg
60 x 104 1060 0.22 kg 1560 0.52 kg 2060 0.90 kg 3060 2.24 kg 4060 4.04 kg
70 x 121 1070 0.18 kg 1570 0.42 kg 2070 0.73 kg 3070 1.80 kg 4070 3.25 kg
80 x 139 1080 0.15 kg 1580 0.36 kg 2080 0.62 kg 3080 1.51 kg 4080 2.72 kg
100 x 173 1090 0.12 kg 15100 0.28 kg 20100 0.49 kg 30100 1.19 kg 40100 2.14 kg
120 x 242 1090 0.10 kg 15120 0.23 kg 20120 0.41 kg 30120 0.97 kg 40120 1.74 kg
160 x 277 10160 0.07 kg 15160 0.17 kg 20160 0.30 kg 30160 0.70 kg 40160 1.26 kg
180 x 312 10180 0.06 kg 15180 0.15 kg 20180 0.26 kg 30180 0.60 kg 40180 1.08 kg
200 x 346 10200 0.05 kg 15200 0.12 kg 20200 0.22 kg 30200 0.52 kg 40200 0.92 kg


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