Copper Alloy Fish Cage - Strong Support Structure & Lager Inner Space

Two men are going to put copper alloy fish cage into the sea.

Copper alloy fish cage provides large inner space, which perfect for water circulation and flow.

Copper alloys are an important material in aquaculture. Apart from other material in fish farm, copper alloy is an anti-microbial, that is, destroys virus, bacteria, fungi, algae and other microorganisms.

Copper alloy fish cage possess significantly strong and durable support structure, which difficult to destroy even in a violent wave movement. Besides, large mesh hole allow water and oxygen circulate.


  • Corrosion and impact resistance.
  • Anti-biofouling.
  • Naturally bacteriostatic.
  • Copper alloy net produce healthy fish.
  • Significantly strong support structure.
  • Large inner space provides water flow and circulation.
  • Recyclable.


  • Material
    Copper alloy.
  • Wire diameter
    2.5–4 mm.
  • Hole size
    25–40 mm.
  • Lifespan
    5–8 years.
  • Type of copper alloy
    Copper-zinc, copper-nickel, copper-silicon.
  • Type of fish cage

    Crimped copper fish cage, woven (chain link) fish cage.

    Crimped copper alloy fish mesh.

    Crimped copper alloy fish netting

    Chain link copper alloy fish mesh.

    Woven copper alloy fish netting


  • Abysmal sea.
  • Aquaculture ponds.
  • Coast.
  • River.
  • Lake.
Copper alloy fish cage were put high standing on the ground.
A overhead view of aquaculture ponds.
Woven copper alloy fish mesh beneath the water and a great amount of fish inside.
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