Lobster Trap – Two or Four Tunnels for Easy Entrance

Green lobster trap is filled with shrimps.

Do you want to catch plenty of lobster? Lobster trap will bring you unexpected lobster quantity

Lobster trap with a simple structure but perfect for catching numerous lobsters and crabs. For one hand, lobster trap is made of vinyl coated wire or hot-dip galvanized steel or stainless steel welded wire panels, therefore it can resist to seawater and oxygen. For another hand, lobster trap generally is designed with a fine mesh built-in bait box, two to four entrance tunnels and small escaping vents, which efficiently help to trap lobsters or crabs.

Walcoom offers your desirable lobster trap in various sizes and forms, what are you waiting for, just come and get it.


  • Anti-corrosion, Large capacity.
  • Allow for attaching hooks and ropes.
  • Built-in bait box.
  • With bridle harness, and trigger.
  • Easy to stack, durability.


  • Material
  • Surface treatment
    PVC coated, black vinyl coated, hot-dip galvanized.
  • Color
    Black, dark green, yellow, blue, etc.
  • Wire gauge
    11, 12, 14, 16.
  • Mesh size
    0.5" × 0.5", 1" × 1", 1.5" × 1.5", 2" × 2", 2" × 3".
  • Type
    lobster trap, crab trap.
  • Shape

    Rectangle, square, octagon, cylinder, etc.

    Black lobster trap with four-way harness for crab to access but difficult to escape.

    Crab trap with four entrance doors

    Lobster trap, comes with two plastic triggers and attached 4-way harness.

    Crab trap with two entrance doors

    Green hexagon crab trap with cylindrical fine mesh bait box.

    Octagon crab trap with built-in bait box

    Blue cylindrical crab trap with a rectangle built-in bait box, three entrance door, two escape vents.

    Cylindrical crab trap with built-in bait box

    Yellow rectangle lobster trap with two plastic woven net next to the entrance.

    Lobster trap with woven net as tunnels

    Green rectangle lobster trap with nylon woven netting inside.

    Lobster trap with woven netting inside


  • Lobster trap.
  • Crab trap.
  • Shrimp trap.
  • Fish trap.
  • Shellfish trap.
  • Pinfish.
Rectangle crab trap full of crabs.
Several lobster traps on a boat, and all the lobster craps are filled with shrimps.
Green cylindrical crab trap is full of crabs.
Crabs inside the rectangle crab trap, and a fisherman cabs out off the trap.
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