Metal Trellis with Solid Structure, Good Appearance, Easily Reused

Four welded wire trellis panels make up two triangular supports to support cucumber.

You can find different types of metal trellis such as welded wire trellis, chain link trellis, chicken wire trellis in walcoom.

According to the different production modes, metal trellis can be divided into three types: welded wire trellis, chain link trellis and chicken wire trellis. Even though they have different ways of production, but they play the same role in gardening.

When metal trellis for vertical gardening can save space for growth to avoid the spread of plants and increase production. In addition, it also used to confine hogs, cattle and other small livestock or used as fence for the garden or the house.


  • Hot-dipped galvanized after fabrication increasing rust resistance and corrosion resistance.
  • The solid structure makes it easy to be supported by short piles.
  • Beautiful appearance with low cost.
  • Recyclable and be friendly to the environments.
  • Easily reused for other applications like fence for pig, calves or other small livestock.


Specification of Metal Trellis
Item Welded Wire Trellis Chain Link Trellis Chicken Wire Trellis
Material steel wire
Surface treatment galvanized, PVC coated
Color black, green, white
Wire diameter 6 gauge to 9 gauge 6 gauge to 9 gauge 14 gauge to 18 gauge
Opening 6" × 8" 2", 3" 3", 4"
Height 5', 8' 5', 6', 8',10' 5', 6', 10'
Length 5' – 20' 5' – 20' 5' – 20'


Metal Trellis made from chicken wire, chain link mesh, or welded wire panels are widely used to support plants such as:

  • Tomatoes.
  • Flowers.
  • Pumpkins.
  • Cucumbers.
  • Beans.
  • Gourds.
A welded wire trellis panel is supporting the tomato plants with many fruits.
Some flowers are growing in the direction of chain link trellis panel.
A piece of welded wire metal trellis with two standing sticks is supporting the cucumber.
Some chicken wire metal trellis with wood frame supporting the pumpkin seedlings.
A piece of welded wire metal trellis is supporting the bean seedlings.
Welded wire metal trellis be bent into an arch to support the gourd.
Four welded wire metal trellis make up two triangular supports to support cucumber.
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